How do I set up my Private Email to work?

The first and most important thing you need to know before setting up your Private Email to work is what are your domain nameservers. Don't worry if it sounds to you too techy or complicated, we'll make it easier.

When you are asked what your domain nameservers are, a simpler question is basically where you manage your domain name - manage your records for it (for example, A records, TXT records, MX records). If the answer doesn't come to you right off, there's a simple way to check it:

1. Go to any DNS (domain nameservers) checker. For example, you could use this one.

2. Enter your domain name.

3. You'll quickly see the result for your domain. You need to check the value for NS type of record. In our example on the screenshot below, we can see that the NS records for the domain are and

4. In some cases, by looking at the records, you'll quickly understand/recognize where you need to manage your domain records (for example in the case with records), in some cases, the records are not as clear and you'll need a little googling (as shown on the screenshot below) to recognize which provider has such records:

5. Once you know your records and understand where you manage your domain records, follow this table to find the exact instructions for your case.

*If you're still not sure what your domain name servers are and where you need to manage them, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Support. They are the most professional people in the industry and will be glad to help you.

Where you manage the records for your domainThe right guide
You have a domain with Namecheap and manage it in Namecheap account Dashboard. Your domain name records are one of these:

You need this guide.
You have a domain with another provider, however, you use Namecheap FreeDNS or PremiumDNS (example) and so, manage it in Namecheap account Dashboard.

Your domain (either registered with Namecheap or third-party) is using Namecheap Hosting DNS, you manage your domain in cPanel and your domain name servers look this way:

You need this guide.
Your domain is registered with any company (Namecheap or third-party) but is not using our Namecheap nameservers - which means that your records are not one of those:
You need this guide.

This is the general guide that will help you in such cases. However, we also have specific guides for some well-known providers, check them below and maybe you'll find exactly your case.

Domains pointed to 3rd party name servers

Your domain has Cloudflare nameservers.
You need this guide.
Your domain has GoDaddy nameservers:
You need this guide.
Your domain has Wix nameservers
You need this guide.
Your domain has Bluehost nameservers:
You need this guide.
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