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Streamlined and Quick

Imagine being live in a few minutes, with everything ready to go. No need to worry about managing your hosting, navigating old panel interfaces or figuring out how to install WordPress. We do it all for you in one click. With our managed WordPress hosting you save time and money.

Create and manage your website on EasyWP...

With simple managed WordPress hosting, we do the hard work for you.

Customise and publish with WordPress

Chosen by 31% of the web, this is the most popular website creator in the world.

WordPress Hosting The Smart Way

This is not just cheap WordPress hosting. Your website will be powered by the latest, true cloud technology to deliver you a set-and-forget experience. And fully optimised for WordPress. We designed our infrastructure to allow each and every website to live and grow without hiccups. Here, no one hurts no one for going viral.

Easy to Grow

Our next-generation cloud powers your website to go through the heaviest of visitor storms.

Blazingly Fast

We won't hold you down. We make everything in our power to deliver your website at optimal speed.

Always live

Our cloud is fully containerised. Server failures or noisy neighbours on shared hosting won't slow you down.

Yours to keep. And customize.

WordPress is the most popular and trusted website creation tool on the web. It gives you the freedom to build anything you want. It comes with an easy to use interface to write, edit and publish your content. It has thousands of themes and plugins. You can have a beautiful design and a powerful website in no time. If none are up to your taste, you can always upload your own.


WordPress lets you customize your website with any theme you like.


Expand your website functionality with powerful plugins.2

One home for all your websites

Manage WordPress sites all in one place: create backups, change domain and access your files through SFTP. And if you're planning on starting a new website, you don't need to create separate accounts and remember different passwords - do it all within EasyWP.

Use your domain

Easily connect your Namecheap domain to your WordPress site, inside EasyWP dashboard.

SFTP Files Access

Get access to your files through SFTP. We even let you time box access so you can safely share credentials with a friend.

Simple Backups

One-click to backup. One-click to restore. All from a straightforward interface.

Maintenance Mode

Put your website on maintenance mode and don't spoil the surprise to your visitors. Go live when you're ready.

SSL Support

Give another layer of security to your website and make sure your visitor's browsers talk securely with your website.

One dashboard

Create and manage your WordPress websites in a single dashboard, with a single login.

Believe this pricing

We want to make the Internet more accessible to everyone. We removed the middle men, cut down on fancy office costs to deliver you great value, performance and reliability.

EasyWP Starter GoDaddy WPEngine






Limited at 25K

Limited at 25K





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Why Namecheap?

The Internet is for the people. We pride ourselves in providing affordable access to domains and products like EasyWP to help you make your mark online.

Your data stays safe with us

We use our own servers so your data stays between you and us, far away from snoopy eyes. We even give you free Whois so spammers don't trace back to you.

Customer Approved

Our customer service is one of the most well regarded in the industry. With EasyWP you get 24/7 customer support available all year, for free.

Start today

With our flexible pricing, there's no excuses.

EasyWP Starter

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Renews for $3.88/mo

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EasyWP Starter

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Renews for $29.88/year. By clicking "Get Started" you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  • 1x WordPress website installed and ready to go

  • Powered by Namecheap Cloud

  • 10GB of Storage

  • 50K recommended visitors a month3

  • Easy Backups and Updates

  • SFTP Files Access

  • Temporary EasyWP free domain

  • Support for your Namecheap domains1

  • 30-days money back guarantee

  • 24/7 Namecheap Support included

Not what you're looking for?

Check out our Shared Hosting option instead. It included the familiar cPanel and Softaculous - a quick WordPress (or other CMS) installer.

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Need a domain?

Take a shortcut and start by buying a domain and add EasyWP from the cart. Your domain will be readily available inside EasyWP.

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  • 1

    We only support Namecheap's Basic DNS and Premium DNS. Hosting DNS service is not available at the moment.

  • 2

    On your EasyWP website you will be able to install all the plugins available for WordPress, with a couple of exceptions. Since EasyWP plugin already handles 3 different layers of advanced caching, you don't need to install any caching plugins. Some untrusted plugins can't be activated. Check the full list.

  • 3

    Subject to our Hosting Acceptable Use Policy

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