Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Green Bar security for the lowest price!

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When you invest in an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, you are investing in the absolute peak of SSL security. Nothing keeps your website and customer data safer. It’s the one with the famous green browser bar. Once customers see it shining back at them, they know your website and organization can be trusted.

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate is ideal for websites with large-scale ecommerce functionality, but any business that trades off sales or trust can benefit too. The green browser bar is a clear sign that you take your website security and online presence seriously.

But… wait just one second.... we want to make sure you’re getting the right SSL Certificate. This level of SSL security isn’t for everyone. You will need to be a fully fledged business with an operational history of at least 3 years. For example, you could be a:

  • Sole Trader

  • General Partnership

  • Government Agency

  • Incorporated Company

  • Limited Liability (LTD) Company

  • Unincorporated Association

  • DBA

Then you can enjoy the very highest level of security available. Choose your ideal Extended Validation Certificate now.


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