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Own your growth

Easy tools to build your business

Simple, affordable ways to be successful

RELATE is a suite of easy tools that power your business. Simplify your online marketing, make sure people trust your brand, and engage with more customers. Get more control to go next level.

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Grow your reach

No time to write dozens of posts, or log into lots of platforms? Businesses need social media to grow, but it can be a full time job on its own. Now you can schedule content to auto-publish, find new customers, reply to comments, and share content — in seconds, across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Business Profile. Also keep improving your marketing with insight reporting. Social media management from one simple Dashboard.

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Build brand trust

When was the last time you bought a tool or service without checking how customers rate it? Over 90% of people use online reviews for decision making, so a good reputation is vital to your business. Never miss out on customer feedback, or opportunities to build loyalty. Get new reviews, and showcase them instantly on your website. Stay on top of competitors, and improve search rankings. Your review manager puts everything in one place.

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Impress your customers

Did you know that over 91% of consumers use search engines to find local information? That’s why a local listing service that lets you keep your online business details easily updated is vital. But that’s just the start. Keep customers happy with a bundle of useful features, like AI reply assist. Also get improvement insights, brand mention alerts, and competitor comparisons. Everything a local business needs to shine online, in one package.

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Get found online

As many as 75% of customer searches start on Google. Now you don’t need expensive experts or difficult software to do SEO. With a clear list of customized tasks to optimize your website, and step-by-step instructions, it’s never been easier. Remove even more complexity with performance monitoring, and competitor tracking. Stand out in search results, so you don’t miss out on 24/7 marketing to attract more customers.

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Make paid ads a breeze

Ads for small businesses are often about guesswork, on a runaway budget. The Ads Manager gives you clear budget control, plus AI generated content. Also target your audience with precision, and get performance insights to keep improving. Tap into the huge potential of Facebook, Instagram and Google to increase your revenue. Get up and running in just three easy steps. Manage everything in one place.

RelateRadar scans search engines

Monitor customers & competitors

Grow your business with 24/7 brand insights. RelateRadar scans search engines, social media, ads, business listings, and mentions across the web. It also tracks up to five competitors, and identifies your online business listing gaps. Get everything in an easy Dashboard feed which you can filter by category, plus customized email notifications. Never fly blind with your all-in-one brand watchdog.

Why Namecheap

Privacy and security

Your website security and privacy comes first at Namecheap, and we will always support the rights of individuals and consumers online. It's our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone.

Your business online

Boost your business with industry-premium products and services, at prices that won't break your budget. If it doesn't provide you with a better Internet experience, we simply don't offer it.

Customer service

You're covered by a Support Team that's renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the business. Real people are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with our Business Development Director. When asked about how Relate came to be, she replied:

“People talk about ‘entrepreneur mindset’ and how exciting it is to start a new business, how the Internet makes it easy to do that. But in reality, it’s complicated, there are so many things to learn, and so many choices of tools. It’s overwhelming.

Understanding and managing everything also takes too much time for a small business that’s already overworked. And to hire digital experts is too expensive for many startups, they don’t have the budget.

Looking at our brand and the customers we service, there was a gap in servicing small businesses with DIY marketing products that help them grow online. Our goal is to remove the complication, so they feel empowered to successfully grow their business”.

We can confirm there is no risk of us collecting money from you during your Free Trial. We only collect your card details to give you a smooth journey if you choose to continue with the products on a monthly Plan. Cancel at any time in your Account Panel.

After the social media manager and review manager tools are launched, there are even more exciting products in development, so keep an eye on this page. We also conduct surveys to find out how to best serve our customers. If you have any suggestions or further questions, Contact Us 24/7.

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