Why do I need a Personal Domain?

Build an online presence that says “professional”

Present Yourself as a Pro

Using your own name for your website and email address adds a professional touch to everything you do. Show the world you have full ownership of your online presence.

Protect Your Reputation

Did you ever think about all the information that makes it to the online space these days? A high-authority website with carefully curated content gives you the power to manage your online reputation.

Increase Visibility

Search engines love domain names with specific keywords. Want your website to rank first, before your social network profile? Your firstname+lastname combo helps you do exactly that.

Market Your Business & Yourself

A personal domain is the perfect place to tell people who you are and what you have to offer. Host your resume, portfolio and samples of your work, or share your photos and personal interests with the world.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I choose the perfect domain name?

    It is usually best to select a short, easy-to-pronounce domain name that quickly describes your brand and services. While .com is the most common domain extension, there are many gTLDs that will help tell the story of your brand more clearly. Before you register, search for other companies that may have a trademark on the terms, or have a similar name already in use. Learn more about choosing the perfect domain name.

  2. How do I use the personal domain name search tool?

    To get helpful suggestions using this domain name search tool, start by entering your first and last name in the required fields. We will then search our database for unique personalized options that incorporate your name. Results typically include domain names that are immediately available, as well as a few that are taken and may be for sale in our marketplace. Whois information is provided for personal domain names that have already been registered.

  3. Why does a particular domain that is taken show that it is available for registration?

    Registered domains can always be transferred to a new user if the current registrant is willing to sell it to you. While the process of obtaining a new, unregistered personal domain name is much easier, and frequently cheaper, we want to present as many options as possible to Namecheap customers. Learn more about buying registered domains.

  4. How do I find TLDs that are the best fit for my personal domain?

    By using our Domain Name Search tool, you can explore many TLD categories that can support your unique blog or business. The choices are practically endless, so our search tool groups the options in a way that makes finding the right personal or professional domain effortless and easy. Why not try searching for great ideas using the Domain Name Search tool now?


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