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Domain Validation SSLs for blogs & personal sites

Domain Validated SSL Certificates are for those of you who just need to keep things simple. If you are a small or midsize business, and just need a quick and easy security fix, then this type of domain validation is for you. It’s perfect for websites that don’t handle too much data, as it bypasses the stricter business background and personal checks of many other SSL Certificates. You only need to prove ownership and control of the domain you want to secure, and’re done.

You might not be an ecommerce giant, but the ability to show your visitors that you are looking after their security is still vital to your online success. When customers and clients know they can trust in your site, they know they can trust in you, your business, and your brand – all just by looking at your URL. A Domain Validated Certificate is a clear sign that you do things properly.

Your Domain Validated SSL Certificate can be issued in as little as 10-15 minutes, and it only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Order Domain Validated SSL

    • Then just create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). You will receive instructions via email once the order is accepted and processed.

  2. Validate domain ownership

    • Options are DNS, HTTP or email. We can use email addresses from WhoIs or Admin@, Administrator@, Hostmaster@, Postmaster@, or webmaster@.

  3. Receive your certificate

    • Once the DCV (Domain Control Verification) is complete, your Domain Validation Certificate will be issued within 5 minutes.

Simply choose your ideal Domain Validated SSL Certificate now, and you could be showing off your browser bar padlock in minutes.


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