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Three easy steps for moving your email over to Private Email

Migrate your email to Namecheap in 3 steps

Moving email from one host to another can be a challenge—it’s not just moving the emails themselves, but the contacts and calendar events too. This email migration service will help you find out how to transfer everything from one email to another, in no time! Use these three easy steps to transfer to Private Email, and benefit from its amazing features without losing your current contacts, emails, and events.

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First, you need to know how to transfer emails from one account to another. To synchronize your emails with the new server, access your email using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) through an application like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail (etc).

  • Set up your old and new email in the same software (for example, Outlook), so they are both side by side.
  • Select all messages in your old account and move them (using “drag and drop”) from your old inbox folder into your new inbox folder. Move subfolders in the same way if you want to keep the folder structure.

IMAP will then automatically synchronize emails from your computer to our server.

Else, you can use Private Email’s sophisticated interface to transfer emails.



You can use iCal (.ics) files to migrate your calendar events from the former email provider to Namecheap Private Email—simply export your public or private calendar as an .ics file, and then import it to Private Email with a few clicks.



Finally, migrate your contacts to Private Email by exporting them from your old email account as a vCard or CSV, then import them into Private Email (our address book supports both file types).

You’re ready!

Now as everything has been migrated time to configure DNS for a proper email delivery to Private Email.

Why use Namecheap Private Email?

Why use Namecheap Private Email?

Private Email is sophisticated software built especially to host email accounts for your domain. You get shared calendar functionality, full mobile support, file storage, and much more — all for a fraction of the cost of similar products.

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices to access your email wherever you are!

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Where do I find account settings for desktop clients?
You may find those in our Knowledgebase article.
Do I need to go through any other steps?
No, you’re all set. Don’t forget to adjust DNS settings to receive new emails to Private Email.
Can you migrate everything for me?
We do not perform the migration from our end, but our friendly 24/7 Support Team are always there to assist you with any difficulties you have during the process.
How long does the migration take?
Calendar events and Contacts are usually imported instantly. The time it takes to transfer emails solely depends on the number of emails to be transferred – the good news is IMAP will handle it for you while you sit back or are busy with other things!
Does the migration presuppose downtime?
Email delivery may stop for a couple of minutes as a result of updating your DNS records while MX records update worldwide.
Which providers can I migrate from?
This way you can migrate email from any provider. Your calendar should support .ics file extension and contacts should support either vCard or CSV to be migrated to Private Email.

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