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The easy way to get more customers

Ads for small businesses are often about guesswork, on a runaway budget. With RelateAds, you get clear budget control, plus AI-generated content. Also target your audience with precision, and get pro insights to keep improving. Manage everything in one place.

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    Fast ads in 3 steps
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    Budget control
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    AI generated ads
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    Performance management
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    Brand & competitor monitoring

Simplify paid ads for less

With clear budget control, customer targeting, pro insights, and everything in one place, advertising has never been easier. Tap into the huge potential of Facebook, Instagram and Google to increase your revenue. Get up and running in just three easy steps.

RelateAds is available in
RelateAds Pro
Intro Price — Renews at $9.88/mo
Ad Spend is purchased separately
  • Google, Facebook & Instagram
  • AI generated ads
  • Flexible spending options
  • Multiple campaigns at a time
  • Brand & competitor monitoring
    Get Dashboard updates on every online event that impacts your business, including reviews, mentions, ads, and competitor activity. Also get reports on how to improve your online presence compared to your competitors.
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How it works — easy ads for small businesses

Customize your ad

Customize your ad

Create Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads in one place. AI generates successful pretested ads for Google, and ads based on your prompts for the Meta platforms. Then all it takes is you doing a fast edit, to make them unique to your business.

Target an audience

Target an audience

Select the region where your ads will run, from local to countrywide. Target the customers most likely to buy from you, such as by gender, age, and friends. Boost posts according to your goals, including more site visitors, engagement, messages, or calls.

Manage ad spend

Manage ad spend

Set your budget parameters, with flexible daily spend options. Choose from the list of recommended keywords. Select your budget to generate the desired number of ad clicks. Get estimates of click costs, to make sure you never overspend.

Why Choose RelateAds

Google, Facebook, and Instagram are the main places that most small businesses find new customers. RelateAds makes sure you get in front of them. From precision targeting and wise spending, to pretested ads done for you — increase your revenue from one Dashboard.

Budget control

Never lose control of ad spending, while getting the best results for your budget:

  • Pre paid

    Upfront monthly Google budget.

  • Flexible

    Choose from seven daily spend options.

  • Transparent

    Clarity on keywords and click costs.

  • Auto-optimized

    Desired target clicks are calibrated for you.

  • Efficient

    Search and social ads in one place.

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AI generated ads

Get advertising content written for you, that’s already proven to work:

  • Pretested

    Successful ads for most business categories.

  • Done for you

    AI generates ads based on competitor keywords and content. Assisted posts for Social ads are based on the prompts you choose.

  • High performance

    Choose from multiple headlines and descriptions per ad, for the best combinations.

  • Easy

    Choose your ad, do a fast edit to customize, and publish.

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Performance management

Get advanced agency-level features and insights for maximum success:

  • Test

    Run up to five ads at a time to know what gets the best results.

  • Enhance

    Access Google extensions to make ads even easier.

  • Understand

    Get detailed insight reports and campaign metrics, so you can continue to fine-tune and identify audience trends.

  • Elevate

    Schedule posts for optimal response timing. Boost posts based on audience targeting and your outcome goals, such as more site visitors, engagement, or calls.

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Brand & competitor monitoring

Make sure you’re always looped into your industry so you can make the right decisions:

  • Analyze

    Find weekly brand report break-downs for actionable insights.

  • Monitor

    Get instant alerts about mentions of your brand. Real-time notifications, in your Dashboard and by email, highlight every important online event that impacts your business.

  • Respond

    Keep up to date with competitor activity, so you can easily compare and react.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the benefits that make paid advertising well worth a place in your budget:

  • Increase visibility & conversion — organic search results using SEO are decided by algorithms which can be tricky. Paid ads give you certainty, by ensuring you show up in search results to attract more customers.
  • Cost-effective marketing — you only pay for an ad when someone clicks on it. And with RelateAds, you never run the risk of overspending.
  • Target the right audience — you can precision target the customers that are most likely to be interested in what you offer. Including keywords, demographics, location, and devices. This maximizes your return on investment (ROI).
  • Measurable results — RelateAds gives you detailed insight reports and analytics, so you can track your performance and continue improving to get the best results.
  • Competitive advantage — stay ahead of your competition by appearing at the top of search results, reaching a wider audience, and targeting interested buyers.

Social ads are for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They put your ad in front of a potential customer based on their profile demographics, allowing for precision targeting. These types of ads are primarily used for brand awareness, to build interest in your business. Now Facebook and Instagram even have the Checkout feature, which allows customers to buy direct if you have a shop setup there.

Search ads, as the name suggests, are for platforms like Google. They target people looking for something specific. By putting your business at the top of the page, offering exactly what they’re searching for, you have a high chance of buyers choosing you over your competitors.

While RelateAds does the hard work for you, these articles will give you a deeper understanding of how social and search ads work:

Ultimate Guide To Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Campaign Management

RelateAds Boost for Facebook and Instagram allows your posts to get shown to people that are not part of your page follower audience. This differs from other social platform mechanisms, where specific ads are displayed.

You will be directed from your RelateAds Dashboard to the Meta platform, where you’ll setup a budget for Boosted posts.

RelateAds allows you to choose from seven tiers of daily spend options, within your monthly spend package:

  • $100
  • $150
  • $200
  • $250
  • $300
  • $400
  • $500

For your social ads campaigns, you’ll get a variety of insights to help you spend wisely on Facebook and Instagram.

Ads Spends are the packages for pre-paid ads in your campaign budget, that can be spent daily for your selected ads on search (Google) and social (Facebook and Instagram).

Your remaining budget based on clicks will be tracked and transparently displayed, as with all your insights, such as keywords and extensions. Comprehensive reporting is a prime feature of relateAds, so you never have to worry about a runaway budget.

RelateAds is widely available — access it in most countries.

You can only run your ad campaigns in one language, and generally this will be the default language of your country.

These are the countries that allow a language choice, which you can change in your Settings:

  • Belgium — French, Dutch
  • Canada — French, English
  • Cyprus — English, Greek
  • Czechia — English, Czech
  • Greece — English, Greek
  • Slovakia — English, Slovak
  • Sweden — English, Swedish

Google doesn’t allow campaigns to be launched on two different platforms for the same domain name. So you’ll need to first deactivate your Google Ads account, then set it up on RelateAds.

For search ads (Google), AI generates your ads from thousands of pretested competitor ads, that suit your industry. This includes ad headlines, descriptions, keywords, and posts. You can then edit them to suit your individual business.

For social ads (Facebook and Instagram), AI generated ads are based on the prompts you provide, to ensure you get exactly what best suits your audience and business. To learn more about prompts, read: AI Know-How for Small Business Marketing.

If you cancel RelateAds or your subscription expires, Ads Spends (your remaining funds) will be suspended too. They will be preserved for future use — stored for 90 days.

After 90 days, all your RelateAds information, including any remaining funds spent on ads, is no longer stored.

These are the Terms & Conditions:

  • You are eligible for a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, for a first-time purchase of the RelateAds tool.
  • Feel free to cancel at any time within 30 days, by contacting Support. Your subscription renews automatically until canceled.
  • Any advertising budget spent with Google or Meta is non-refundable.

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