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PremiumDNS — always on duty

Make sure your business website performs fast and securely every time your visitors look you up. PremiumDNS keeps your website running, even when flooded with traffic. It secures the very deepest level of the Domain Name System (DNS), preventing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and giving you 100% uptime, guaranteed.

Buy Premium DNS and enjoy your access to one of the world’s most robust networks built to disperse attacks meant to disrupt your web property, helping you stay online, all at the lowest price on the market.

  • Always online
  • Faster DNS performance
  • Closes security gaps
  • Works with any domain
  • Designed for business
  • Easy to manage

Uptime, security & more as low as

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  • 100% uptime guarantee
    Making sure your website stays online with our 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Neustar Security(2).
  • Worldwide coverage
    Enjoy speedy website performance around the globe with DNS queries served by powerful Anycast network apex zone servers.
  • DNSSEC support
    Keep your DNS layer safe from fake traffic, with intuitive Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protecting your DNS server queries.
  • 2 million visits per month
    Make sure your real visitors find your business website securely, with 2 million search domain DNS queries authenticated with PremiumDNS.

Why PremiumDNS hosting is perfect for your business

Easily securing your website and your customers, PremiumDNS hosting service is the perfect partner for busy online e-commerce websites.

Keep your business running

Keep your business running

With 100% uptime, you’ll no longer risk losing out on visitors. PremiumDNS works in the background, keeping your website always available.

Enjoy global cover

Enjoy global cover

Watch as your website reliability improves. PremiumDNS uses the powerful Anycast network to filter and sink any bad traffic, ending threats, bots, and hacker activity early and fast.

Diamond-grade security

Diamond-grade security

Prevent even a single incident and get true network support. PremiumDNS with DNSSEC identifies, mitigates, and stops DNS attacks on your business.

Trusted queries

Trusted queries

When you let PremiumDNS run smoothly in the background, up to 2 million DNS queries each month will travel without interference or delay.

Premium features

Enjoy a deeper layer of security and 100% availability.

DNSSEC standard

DNSSEC standard

Ensure no one interferes with DNS requests. DNSSEC support helps make sure your website won’t be bothered by fake DNS requests or traffic that doesn’t belong there.

Secure customer queries

Secure customer queries

When your site is secure, you can be confident your customers won’t suffer from attacks on their personal data.

Keeping your business running

Keeping your business running

Enjoy super easy access to PremiumDNS because everything is only 2 clicks away with DNS templates for website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Shopify.

Get ALIAS record support

Get ALIAS record support

Forget about CNAME restrictions for apex domains and instead use ALIAS which means your records can now freely co-exist with other DNS records about your business name.

Namecheap PremiumDNS vs DNS competitors

Have a look at the comparison table below. The choice is clear!

PremiumDNSGodaddy PDNSDNSimple
Unique to Namecheap, our SLA backed by market leader, Neustar Security gives the only 100% uptime guarantee for any DNS platform.
DDoS protection
Distributed Denial of Service protection mitigates Internet Layer 1-4 DNS hacker attacks.
DNSSEC Zone signing
Domain Name Service Security Extension Zone signing creates a chain of trust between your DNS traffic and web-users.
ALIAS record
ALIAS records have no apex restrictions and can co-exist freely anywhere unlike CNAME records which are restricted.
Price$3.88 /yr
SUMMER SALE  $4.88 /yr
$35.88 /yr$300.00 /yr
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Why Namecheap

Privacy and Security

Your website security and privacy comes first at Namecheap, and we will always support the rights of individuals and consumers online. It’s our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone.

Your Business Online

Boost your business with industry-premium products and services, at prices that won’t break your budget. If it doesn’t provide you with a better Internet experience, we simply don’t offer it.

Customer Service

You’re covered by a Support Team that’s renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the business. Real people are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is PremiumDNS?

    Compared with a more basic DNS service, PremiumDNS ensures faster performance, maximum site availability, and better security. Namecheap PremiumDNS operates from redundant Anycast locations, and works with any domain name from any registrar worldwide.

    Our PremiumDNS supports 2 million queries per month per domain name, ready to handle the traffic of your company’s mission-critical operations. Learn more about the differences between free vs PremiumDNS.

  • What makes PremiumDNS service different?

    For any business, the uptime of your DNS should be a primary concern. Compared to free products, PremiumDNS service is different because it ensures global security and availability. Namecheap’s PremiumDNS was built for outstanding resiliency from the ground up. We offer a 100 percent service level agreement for your DNS resolution at a truly affordable price. Learn more about why a superior DNS service makes a difference.

  • How secure is PremiumDNS?

    Namecheap PremiumDNS combines intelligent server security with DNSSEC and 100% uptime. Make sure you choose a service like PremiumDNS which offers users smart global infrastructure, high-level DDoS security for your network layer, includes DNSSEC, and contains no hidden query charges. Learn more about DNSSEC.

    Different DNS servers offer varying levels of security which means you could experience vulnerabilities common to these less secure DNS services such as attacks from malicious hackers, including DDoS intrusions. Some offer the same security as at large prices because they mainly cater to super large websites (like Amazon, for example).

  • Does any other Namecheap product cover the DNS security type offered by PremiumDNS?

    The short answer is ‘no’. DNS is a "background" service we do not often think about, but it is used many times each day by every user in every organization. Many application types perform name-based lookups using DNS. These include the following: Web browsers, Email servers, Web servers, Malware such as trojans and bots running on compromised hosts outside your network.

    However, if you do not have the expertise or time to examine which applications are using your DNS, PremiumDNS is easily able to monitor and intuitively secure the background DNS on your behalf.

  • What is Anycast and how does it affect PremiumDNS?

    PremiumDNS is one of the most cost-effective, high-performance DNS services around for the money. It works by placing your DNS information on our Anycast global network. Anycast DNS utilizes multiple locations to receive queries in locations all over the world.

    From these locations known as ‘zone apexes,’ your top-level domain information (TLD like .com, .car, etc) travels the shortest possible path to the requesting client. Because powerful storage exists at these zones too, DNS retrieval queries travel superfast, supercharging your websites’ performance.

  • Which deep-layer of the internet is PremiumDNS protecting?

    PremiumDNS protects your website against DNS floods and DNS Amplification attacks. If you think of how the internet operates over seven layers, layers 1-4 operate at the DNS level. Cybercrime attack styles at this deeper layer try to overwhelm and shut down your website. These attacks are different from Layer 7 attacks, which a CDN protects you from. Of some concern is that deeper-layer amplification attacks are increasing in popularity which is why PremiumDNS protection is necessary.

  • Why do you need different security products?

    No-one wants a surprise loss of business due to uptime failures. Hacktivists, cybercriminals, and cyber terrorists and their campaigns are on the rise. Attackers now use more techniques outside of the typical volume-based L7 DDoS attacks, so you need PremiumDNS to detect and mitigate hackers who try the DNS approach. These deeper layer attacks will target your network infrastructure including attacks going via devices, firewalls, servers, and applications. PremiumDNS secures deep-level layer protection and is a product that also improves your website delivery too.

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  • One price per domain per year. PremiumDNS works with any domain name registered with any registrar.
  • If you experience downtime due to a PremiumDNS failure, we'll provide a compensatory credit for up to 30 days.

Additional Service Details
  • If your domain name’s expiration date is less than a year away, our system will synchronize the PremiumDNS service to expire on the same date as your domain name.
  • If your domain name’s expiration date is more than a year away, our system will synchronize the PremiumDNS service to expire on the same date as your domain name and prorate the cost of PremiumDNS accordingly. To align with your domain name, the prorated cost will apply for one year plus the appropriate number of months.
  • If you switch from another third-party DNS provider to PremiumDNS, the existing DNS records with that third-party DNS provider will not automatically transfer over to PremiumDNS, which may result in downtime for your domain name. You will need to manually add any existing DNS records to PremiumDNS after switching, See here for help to move from a third-party DNS provider to PremiumDNS.
  • PremiumDNS will not be offered during domain name transfers.
  • Namecheap reserves the right to deny PremiumDNS service to any user without explanation.
  • DNSSEC is only available for TLDs that support DNSSEC.

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