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Keep your website safe

Get peace of mind by protecting your site against common security threats. SiteLock scans for and automatically fixes malware. Hackers target any website they can exploit, not only large corporations. Protect and enhance your website, for less.

  • Identify Threats

    Scans and alerts you 24/7 on a wide range of cyber threats.

  • Remove Threats

    Automatically removes malware that harms your website.

  • Patch Vulnerabilities

    Fixes site weaknesses for secured performance.

  • Display Trust Badge

    Lets customers know they’re safe spending money with you.

Safeguard your website for less

There’s 1 malware attack every 11 seconds. Choose SiteLock website security solutions, everything your site needs to stay safe.




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How SiteLock works

Smaller online businesses are the least able to weather a cyber attack — they cause poor website performance, downtime, blacklisting, cleanup expense, and loss of customer trust. Make sure you have website cyber security you can rely on.

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Find threats

Scanning for malware and other cyber threats happens constantly in the background. The SiteLock Malware Automated Removal Tool (SMART) instantly targets threats.

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Fix malware

Infected files are automatically removed from your website. Database cleanup is also automatic. Get instant update alerts on the threats that are fixed every step of the way.

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Fill gaps

Also scan for code vulnerabilities, so gaps can be patched before hackers exploit them. Get the SiteLock Trust Seal displayed on your website, to show customers they’re completely safe.

The SMART way to secure your website

As many as 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. With the SiteLock Malware Automated Removal Tool (SMART), vulnerabilities are instantly fixed before damage is done. Get low cost protection for full peace of mind.

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Monitor threats

Your website is comprehensively and consistently scanned for malware, spam, malicious code, application corruption, and SSL verification. Live results are flagged in email alerts and your SiteLock Dashboard, so you always know where you stand. Get started in seconds.

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Stay secure

Instead of waiting for website malfunctions, loss of SEO traffic from blacklisting, or customer complaints to let you know you’ve been hacked, SMART technology automatically removes malicious content. Malware protection without you having to lift a finger.

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Remove risks

Weak website code opens doors for exploitation. The vulnerability scanner identifies and fixes security risks in your database tables, Content Management System (CMS), and ecommerce functionality. Also instantly backup your website to protect against ransomware.

Compare SiteLock features

Choose the cyber security Plan that works best for your website.



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Get Protect Plus
Automatic Scanning
Number of Pages ScannedUnlimitedUnlimited
Scan FrequencyDailyContinuous
Dashboard & Reporting
The exact nature of malware codes found, what is removed, and any modifications made.
Automatic Domain Verification
Risk Score
SSL Scan
Malware Scan
This scan detects most types of known malware, without web server access to your site's code.
Spam Scan
SQL Injection Scan
Cross Site Scripting Scan (XSS)
Google Blacklist Monitoring
SiteLock Trust Seal
The SiteLock Trust Seal is a badge you add to your website. It pulls data from their scanners, showing your site is confirmed free of malware and other malicious content. This means customers can feel safe on your platform.
Platform Scan Warning
Database Scan
Automatic Recovery
Automatic Malware Removal
Malicious Database Entry Removal
Platform Patching
Scans for and fixes vulnerabilities that are commonly found in CMS (content management system) applications, and ecommerce functionality
Website Backup
Backup Limit2GB5GB
Backup Files
Backup Database
Copy important parts of your website for disaster recovery, caused by ransomware, hardware corruption, and human errors.
SiteLock Support
Ticket Response Time
The time to have a ticket that cannot be resolved in chat assigned to a support engineer to actively work on a resolution.
< 6hrs< 4hrs

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Privacy and security

Your website security and privacy comes first at Namecheap, and we will always support the rights of individuals and consumers online. It's our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone.

Your business online

Boost your business with industry-premium products and services, at prices that won't break your budget. If it doesn't provide you with a better Internet experience, we simply don't offer it.

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Frequently asked questions

Website security is the action taken to protect your website from hackers and their malware. It ensures your website data, hardware, and software is safeguarded against cyber threats.

It is crucial for all websites because:

  • Approximately 1 in 4 people will stop visiting sites that suffer a data breach. This loss of consumer trust is something small businesses can’t afford.

  • Hosting providers protect the server your website is on, not your website. If you experience downtime from a cyber attack, it can cost your small businesses $427 per minute from lost customers. Ransomware (locking you out of your website unless you pay a fee) has also become a common risk for SMBs. With this in mind, SiteLock cyber security for your website costs under $2 per month.

  • Most busy small businesses are totally unprepared for cyber crime, they don’t understand the threats and don’t know how to fix them. Many malware attacks are designed to stay hidden, and sneak in through ‘back doors’ (hackers gain access to your site without your knowledge). Website protection gives you peace of mind, so you focus on building business.

  • Automated Cyber Security — malware and code vulnerabilities that would damage your website are instantly removed. Comprehensive threat scanning happens 24/7.

  • Peace of Mind — email alerts and your SiteLock Dashboard will keep you updated whenever threats are found and fixed. Also backup your website so it’s never compromised.

  • Building Trust — never worry about poor website performance, downtime, blacklisting, loss of SEO ranking, cleanup expense, and reputation damage, because your site is always protected. The SiteLock Trust Seal badge, which displays real-time updates, confirms to your customers that they have complete cyber security when browsing or shopping on your platform.

SiteLock scans and fixes a comprehensive range of website cyber threats:

  • Malware — any program or code which causes harm to your website. Hackers use automated bot software to search out weaknesses. These vulnerabilities act as an open door to insert malware. Ransomware (where your site is taken over and you have to pay to regain access) is also a type of malware.

  • Phishing — called social engineering, cyber criminals send messages designed to trick people into revealing sensitive information, which opens the door to insert malware.

  • Malicious code — all computers and digital assets are built using a programming language built of code. This code becomes malicious when it’s written to harm your website and other applications. Examples are SQL injection (through website database vulnerabilities), and XSS (commonly inserted by clicking a link).

  • SEO Spam — automated software scans websites for vulnerabilities to insert links, pages, and comments that drive your site visitors to malicious sites.

Before the Federal Trade Commission cracked down a few years back, there was a large number of ‘trust badges’ that websites displayed to make customers feel safe. But many of them were bogus. A true trust badge can verify the following:

  • Real time scanning, showing the world that your website is confirmed free of malware, spam, phishing, and other types of malicious content.

  • Tested independently by third party experts who will remove the trust badge if scans are not regularly performed and security holes not fixed.

The SiteLock Trust Seal confirms to your website visitors that they can browse and shop securely. That’s why it’s proven to increase sales.

In most cases, yes. EasyWP however is not compatible with the SiteLock backup feature, because it provides free backup on all plans. And if you're using a 3rd party hosting provider other than Namecheap, please contact Support from your SiteLock Dashboard so they can help you set it up.

SiteLock is compatible with any business or e-commerce website. It also has specialized experience in malware protection for these Content Management Systems:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Drupal
  • Microsoft (.NET sites)

These are the full Terms & Conditions:

  • You are eligible for a 30-day moneyback guarantee, applicable for a first time purchase of any SiteLock Plan.

  • Feel free to cancel at any time within 30 days, either in your Account panel or by contacting Support. Your subscription renews automatically until canceled.

  • If you choose the Yearly Plan, you’ll automatically gain a discount that equals 2 free months. When you start your Yearly Plan, you can also request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

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