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Namecheap API

This section covers some basic topics on Namecheap API. Please refer to https://www.namecheap.com/support/api/api.aspx for development documentation.
Do you have API modules for other platforms?
Do you have a domain reseller program?
Is there an API module available for WHMCS?
What is Sandbox?

WHMCS module for SSL

This category contains information about installation, setting up products and operating with our WHMCS SSL Reseller module. Latest Release: 1.6.6 (Updated on September 17,2017). Note that starting from September 2019, WHMCS SSL module development has been terminated. Please contact our SSL Support if you have any issues with the module setup.
WHMCS SSL Module bug
Release notes
1. Before you begin
2. Sandbox and Production environments
3. Download and installation

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