How do I activate the SSL Reseller Program?

To activate your SSL Reseller account with Namecheap, you will need to sign up for our Reseller Program. If you do not have an account at yet, you can create one here.

As soon as you create an account, please submit a ticket to the SSL department with your request, or initiate the Live chat.

If you have previously purchased any products from us for the amount more than $50, your account is already qualified for SSL Reseller Level 1. However, you can request any reseller level activation by adding the corresponding sum to your funds balance.

The following total receipts qualifiers apply to the existing reseller levels:

Level 1 – $50 - $299
Level 2 – $300 - $1499
Level 3 – $1500 - $2999
Level 4 – more than $3000

If your account is new or the amount spent is not enough for a Reseller level activation, you will be asked to add the amount respectfully to the Reseller level you wish to obtain (the amount added will remain within your account and can be used for further purchases).

Once your Reseller Account is activated, you may proceed with certificates purchases. For pricing inquiries after Reseller activation, please contact our SSL support team via Live chat or ticket for the latest details.

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