Namecheap Private Email DNS records for domains on Namecheap Hosting nameservers

If your domain is hosted with us (using our hosting nameservers and you would like to use Namecheap Private Email service, you can set appropriate MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records in your cPanel. We have both a step-by-step article and video guide on how to log into cPanel for your convenience. 

1. Log into cPanel and navigate to Domains section > Zone Editor menu:

3. Click the Manage button next to the domain which DNS zone you would like to edit:

2. Choose MX option and remove all existing MX records:

3. Once done, using +Add Record box add 2 new MX records with 10 priority:

Verify the changes:

Next, go to Email section in cPanel > Email Routing menu:

If you have several domains or subdomains, choose the needed domain from the drop-down list and set Email Routing to Remote Mail Exchanger > click Change:

4. Now go back to cPanel home page and navigate to the Domains section > Zone Editor menu:

Click the Manage button next to the domain which DNS zone you would like to edit:

5. At this step you will need to update DNS records for your domain.

NOTE: make sure to not edit/remove A record for your domain name, as it may result in your website downtime.

Create the new ones (or edit present ones) with the following syntax:

                  CNAME   1200

                               default._domainkey   TXT       1200   should be generated and copied using this guide

                             TXT        1200  v=spf1 ~all
       CNAME    1200
     CNAME   1200    SRV        1200    Priority: 0
                                                                                          Weight: 0
                                                                                          Port: 443  

Once done, verify the changes:

Allow up to 30 minutes for the records to propagate and check the work of your mail service.

That's it!

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