Namecheap Private Email DNS records setup for domains hosted with Bluehost

If your domain is pointed to Bluehost nameservers, feel free to follow these steps to create Private Email DNS records:

1. Log into your Bluehost account.

2. Go to the Domains menu:

 3. On the right side of your domain name, click on SETTINGS:

4. Here you are in the DNS Manager tab. Scroll down to the Advanced DNS Records and add the following MX records using the + Record option:

Type: MX | Refers to: @ | Mail server: | Priority: 10 | TTL: 1/2 hour 
Type: MX | Refers to: @ | Mail server: | Priority: 10 | TTL: 1/2 hour

5. Don’t forget to check that there are no extra MX records except Private Email ones.If you see any, feel free to remove it:


6. Also, SPF and DKIM records should be added. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) DNS record is used to protect a domain name from email forging and impersonating by preventing spammers from sending emails on one's behalf. 

Type: TXT | Refers to: @ | TXT value: v=spf1 ~all | TTL: 1/2 hour

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) should be considered a method to verify that the content of the messages is trustworthy, meaning that it hasn't changed from the moment the message left the initial mail server. 

NOTE: DKIM record is a mandatory entry to ensure outgoing mail works correctly. It can be generated only after a mailbox has been created: 

Type: TXT | Refers to: default._domainkey | TXT Value: should be generated and copied using this guide | TTL: 1/2 hour

7. The last step is to add CNAME and SRV records. They aren’t essential (as they will not affect email delivery itself) and can be skipped:

Type: CNAME | Refers to: mail | Alias to: |TTL: 1/2 hour 
Type: CNAME | Refers to: autoconfig | Alias to: |TTL: 1/2 hour 
Type: CNAME | Refers to: autodiscover | Alias to: | TTL: 1/2 hour 
Type: SRV | Service: _autodiscover | Protocol: TCP | Subdomain: @ | Weight: 0 | Port: 443 | Target: | Priority: 0 | TTL: 1/2 hour


Allow up to 30-40 minutes for the DNS records to propagate. 

That's it!
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