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How much should you pay for logo design?

What you'll learn: Get a complete guide to the cost of logo design services and learn about online options that are totally free to try.

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What is a tagline? 9 steps to create a perfect tagline for your business

What you'll learn: Brush up on tagline basics and review examples from successful brands to help craft a unique tagline for your brand.

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Logo vs. branding: What’s the difference?

What you'll learn: Get expert advice on the differences between logos and brands and find out how to craft a distinctive brand identity.

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What do logo shapes say about your brand?

What you'll learn: Learn how to harness the hidden meanings of lines and shapes when crafting a logo for your business or personal brand.

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What can we learn from famous logo evolutions?

What you'll learn: Find out how eight of the world’s most famous brands changed their logo and get details on why it did or didn’t succeed.

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What is a logo? Learn more about this branding basic

What you'll learn: Learn what a logo is, why it’s important, and how you can create one for your personal brand or business.

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How different colors affect our emotions: Color psychology explained

What you'll learn: Discover how to use the relationship between colors and emotions when promoting your brand.

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How to Trademark a Logo

What you'll learn: Guide of what is logo trademark, why trademarking a logo is important and what’s the difference between logo trademarks and copyrights?

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Business Cards Dos and Don’ts

What you'll learn: Check business cards dos and don’ts in 2021, business card etiquette

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How to Make a Logo: the Simple Steps You Need

What you'll learn: Read the simple steps you need to make an attractive logo for you or your business.

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