10 Best Email Service Providers of 2024

Margarita K. | March 31, 2024
28 mins

Nowadays, you need an email account for literally everything: signing up on a website, communicating with people, subscribing to a newsletter… The list is endless. However, choosing an email provider can become difficult, as there are so many of them on the market, and the features they offer differ a lot. Some of them boast enhanced security features but are not suitable for large teams while others are great for businesses, but are too expensive for personal use.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most popular email providers in 2024 for both personal and business use. Running short on time? No worries! Take a quick peek at our convenient comparison table for a rapid overview of the best email servers tailored to your needs.

Table comparing all of the email providers

The information in this table is either for free or for basic plans.

All the prices in this article are actual as of March 2024. So, let’s dive into this list of all email providers for you to find out the most suitable email service.

However, before we start, let’s define the difference between personalized and generic email addresses.

The types of email addresses

There are 2 main types of email addresses you can have: generic and personalized.

A generic email address is an email address based on the domain name that belongs to your email service provider and it can’t be changed. Examples of generic email addresses are @gmail.com and @yahoo.com.

A personalized email address is also based on the domain name, however, it is up to you to choose which one to use. For instance, you have a website example.com and if you decide to have a personalized email address, your address would be yourname@example.com.

How to choose between personalized and generic email accounts

First of all, let’s define the purpose of creating an email account. Whether or not you need a personalized email address is only part of what you need to consider. Large businesses with many staff members and a high volume of messages are likely to require a different service to much smaller businesses, or individuals. Depending on the purpose, you will be able to focus on certain features and tools.    

For example, if you have a growing business that needs to have an email address both for internal and external communications, it’s necessary to consider account security, storage, the available number of aliases allowed, and so on. Additionally, when you are creating an email account for your business, you have to consider that people trust companies more when communications come from a professional email address, so it could be a crucial point for the credibility of your business.

Moving on to cost. While some email accounts may seem like they’re free, many generic email providers actually sell your data, or scan it to show you relevant ads. What you gain in it being free, you lose in privacy — which might be even more important as a business, as you’re also handling sensitive information from your customers. 

To make it easier to decide which email address you need, here are the pros and cons of each type.

*An email alias is a virtual mail address that acts as a forwarder only. All the emails sent to an alias email address are forwarded and delivered to the existing mailbox this alias was created for.

Now that we have gone over the email address types, let’s move on to the next part of our article with all the information you need to choose a provider to go with.

List of the email providers

Glossary of the common terms

Encryption is a method of securing your emails while they are being delivered. It’s a must have for those who provide email services, to ensure security of their customers. The types of encryption you will see in the article are end-to-end and TLS/SSL. 

End-to-end encryption is more secure and it guarantees that once the email is sent, no one (including the email provider) has access to the email content until the email gets decrypted when it reaches the recipient's device where it can be accessed and seen by the recipient only.

TLS/SSL encryption is also a great way to secure emails, it works almost the same as end-to-end encryption, however, the email gets decrypted once it reaches the recipient’s mail server, not the device.

Mailbox is a place where your emails are stored.

Smart compose is a function that offers suggestions to your sentences as you type. It’s not a common feature and not used widely, but if it is present, it’s a big plus. 

IMAP/POP3 are email protocols that are necessary for accessing emails. They are standard protocols for most of the email services you come across. The difference between these two protocols is that the IMAP method allows checking emails from any device you are using while the POP3 method is not that flexible, it is required to download an email to your device in order to be able to check it and after the email is downloaded, it cannot be seen from another device since it is deleted from the mail server.

Namecheap Private Email

Namecheap Private Email is a nice option both for those who are email novices and for experienced users. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, collaboration tools, convenient folders management, and many other features (like an all-in-one email account and shared calendars). Also, to make sure you have enough mailboxes, with Pro and Ultimate plans you receive even more — 3 and 5 accordingly. If you reach the storage limit, or you require additional mailboxes, you can pay for them without needing to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Target audience: Individuals, small, and medium businesses
Spam Protection: Self-learning anti-spam tool with acceptlist/blocklist, customizable spam filters and rules
Email Scheduling: -
Attachment Size: Up to 55MB
Storage: Starter - 5GB, Pro - 30GB, Ultimate - 75GB
Security/Privacy: Two-Factor Authentication, SSL/TSL encryption
Pricing: Starter - $0.99/mo, Pro - $2.5/mo, Ultimate - $4/mo

Ad free
Jellyfish anti-spam tool comes for free with every plan
Free trial of any plan for 2 months with no payment details required
A custom domain can be used with any plan

No free plan
No end-to-end encryption

Voices from Trustpilot

Based on what customers say on Trustpilot, Namecheap is really good. People like their products and support. They say the support is fast, accurate, and patient. Some think their guides could be simpler. But overall, Namecheap is liked for its good service, easy-to-use website, cheap email hosting, and simple setup.

Here are a few thoughts from users: 
- “I have been using Namecheap for a couple of years now and have had really good experiences with their products and support.”
- ”Support at Namecheap is always live. They are quick with replies and their answers are accurate. Most importantly, they are patient and explain again and again until you understand.”
- ”Guides are walls of texts and videos....Why not just show you simply the 3 steps you have to take.”
- ”Every time I’ve asked for help with my domains or the private email, Namecheap support has been quick, professional, and very thorough in their support. It has been a delight working with every one of the support employees over the years.”

You can review more feedback from Trustpilot by clicking here.


If you’re looking for a basic, simple, and user-friendly service, then you may consider Fastmail. It has most of the features you need for personal usage, plus features like administrator controls in multi-user accounts for managing shared email accounts, setting payments, adding/removing users, and more.

Target audience: Individuals, small and medium businesses
Spam Protection: There are 3 modes of spam filtration: Basic, Standard, and Aggressive, but if you don’t like the way it sorts emails, you can set your own custom rules
Email Scheduling: only with Standard and Professional plans
Attachment Size: Up to 50MB
Storage: For Basic plan - 2GB/user, Standard - 30GB/user, Professional - 100GB/user
Security/Privacy: Two-Factor Authentication, SSL/TSL encryption
Pricing: Basic - $3/user/mo, Standard - $5/user/mo, Professional - $9/user/mo

Ad free
Apps for iOS and Android
Up to 600 aliases for all plans
Import/Export of emails

No end-to-end encryption
No free plan
A custom domain can be used only with Standard and Professional plans

Voices from Trustpilot

In summary, Fastmail is recognized for its affordable email addresses and free trial, along with its user-friendly design and impressive features:
- “It just works well. No drama, no uncalled-for features, no downtimes, no BS. When I need support, they are helpful and fix stuff.“
- “I've also had zero problems with spam. I use the iOS app and my desktop, via Thunderbird. In my opinion, the cost is reasonable for the level of service, and the comfort of not wondering what invisible way the provider is building a dossier on me.“
- “The interface is snappy and supports a ton of keyboard shortcuts to improve productivity.“

However, there are concerns expressed by some users regarding privacy violations. They claim that Fastmail reads emails and data, leading to account locks based on perceived impropriety:
- “This is top 1 of bad mail providers. They read everything in your mailbox. And stolen data in your mail if it is important.“
- “This company WILL read your email, they will analyze your usage, and they will lock your account if they even sniff impropriety as if they are somehow entitled to deliver judgment on what is right and wrong.“

Feel free to check Fastmail on Trustpilot at this link.

1&1 Ionos

1&1 Ionos provides an email service that can be used both for personal and business needs. No free plan is available, but the prices are quite reasonable and for an additional cost you can have more mailboxes or storage anytime without upgrading your plan. A nice feature is that you receive a free domain registration along with every plan purchase. 

Target audience: Individuals, small and medium businesses
Spam protection: Spam filters, acceplist/blocklist, anti-virus system (for Mail Business only)
Email Scheduling: -
Attachment Size: Up to 70MB
Storage: Mail Basic 1 - 2GB, Mail Basic 1+ - 12GB, Mail Business - 50GB
Security/Privacy: Two-Factor Authentication, SSL/TSL encryption
Pricing: Mail Basic 1 - $1/mo, Mail Basic 1+ - $4/mo, Mail Business (depending on the number of users) - 1 user $5/mo/user, 5 users $3/mo/user, 10 users $2.50/mo/user

Ad free
You receive a free domain along with any plan

No free plan
No end-to-end encryption

Voices from Trustpilot

Numerous customers commend Ionos for its outstanding customer support. Moreover, they value the fantastic deals and flexible options provided, enabling them to tailor their email solutions to meet their individual needs. Nonetheless, some clients have voiced frustration regarding challenges in navigating the cancellation process.

A few thoughts to check:
- “The support staff was friendly, patient, and very efficient. Unlike many other experiences with helpdesks, this interaction was nearly perfect!“
- “Employees who care about the problems of customers. Also, a quick solution I got offered.“
- “I needed a company email fast. Customer service helped me solve my problems, I was up and running in one day, and when I signed up for the wrong thing, I got a refund.“
- “Hard to cancel. They force you to call them to cancel a contract. They are making it on purpose so that the cancellation takes time and you give up.“

Do not hesitate to check Ionos on Trustpilot here.


Zoho mail service is perfectly suitable if you just started your business and your team is growing. The service is secured with end-to-end encryption and has an abundance of tools for teamwork with a Workplace plan starting from $3.23/mo (€3/mo on the website). 
Note that if you're purchasing from outside the EU, the price will still be in Euros or pounds, so you'll need to manually work out what it is in your currency.

Target audience: Small, medium and large businesses
Spam Protection: Apart from built-in spam protection, you can set your own allowlist/blocklist, send bouncebacks and put emails in quarantine
Email Scheduling: Yes
Attachment Size: With free plan - up to 25MB, Mail Light - 250MB, Mail Premium - 1GB
Storage: Free plan - 5GB/user, Mail Light has 2 options: 5GB/user and 10GB/user, Mail Premium - 50GB
Security/Privacy: End-to-end encryption, unusual activity report, Two-Factor Authentication 
Pricing: Mail Light costs depending on the storage size you choose - $0.97 or $1.21/user/mo, Mail Premium - $3.88/user/mo

Ad free
Collaboration tools
Up to 5 users for free plan
Offline access
A custom domain can be added with a free plan

Active Sync, POP3 and IMAP are not included in the free plan

Voices from Trustpilot

Users love Zoho Mail for its easy-to-use interface and top-notch analytics, making it stand out among competitors. They also praise its 15-day trial, free email inbox, and advanced webmail features, including fast IMAP functionality:
- “Zoho has a very simple, intuitive interface that makes learning and using it easy. At the same time, their analytics are robust and reveal tons of helpful info. For the price point, it is the best among its competitors from our experience.“
- “This is the best email service out there. offers 15-day trial with no card. free email inbox (free SMTP, pop, imap).“
- “Webmail is really advanced and usable, IMAP is fast.“

But at the same time, some users faced issues with email forwarding, leading to lost inquiries and revenue. A few customers criticized Zoho Mail's customer service, calling it poor and mentioning unexplained cancellations:
- “3 months ago email forwarding was disabled, meaning I received no emails from the Zoho account to the Gmail account where we pick up all our client inquiries. As a result, we have literally lost thousands in lost revenue.“
- “Their attitude and customer service are pathetic. They'd cancel your product without giving a reason.“

You are welcome to review Zoho on Trustpilot by following this link.


ProtonMail prioritizes security, so no wonder that many people call it the best email for privacy. Anonymous signup and encrypted emails are only a part of their security system.
There are 2 sets of plans: for individuals and for businesses. 
If you have sensitive information to send or receive, this service is great for personal usage. However, if you need a new email address for your business with ProtonMail, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid plan to be able to use a custom domain instead of @protonmail.com.
Moreover, if more mailboxes are needed, you will have to move to Business plans that are much more expensive.

Target audience: Individuals, small businesses
Spam Protection: You can set allowlist/blocklist, and add custom spam filters
Email Scheduling: -
Attachment Size: Up to 25MB
Storage: Free plan - 500MB, Mail Plus - 15GB, Proton Unlimited- 500GB
Security/Privacy: Anonymous signup, end-to-end encryption, Two-Factor Authentication
Pricing: Mail Plus - $5.45/mo, Proton Unlimited - $14.19/mo

Free plan
Apps for iOS and Android
Undo send
Proton VPN comes for free with every plan

Free plan is very limited: only 500MB of storage, up to 150 outgoing messages per day and one custom filter
A custom domain can be used with paid plans only

Voices from Trustpilot

Customers say that ProtonMail offers secure and privacy-focused email service. Clients appreciate its user-friendly interface and robust customer service, which strikes a balance between free and paid account options:
- “Anyway, I ended up really enjoying the Proton Mail! They have great customer service as well.”
- “I think they have the balance between free features and paid features well done.”
- “I can highly recommend the service to anyone who is just looking to take back some privacy with a nice-looking inbox without having to break out a terminal every time you want to access your email.”

However, some users have reported challenges with spam filtering and compatibility issues with email clients. Additionally, there have been occasional complaints regarding the responsiveness of customer support:
- “Started to reject emails instead of considering your filters to allow email.”
- “I cannot open my emails have contacted Zen desk no reply. I have an insurance claim ongoing and I can't answer their email.”
- “Bad support, not being able to solve problems. Bad use policies. The account was suspended for no reason. The support center is not able to help or put in any effort.”

Follow this link to check more reviews about ProtonMail.


It would be difficult to write a list of email providers and not include one of the most popular free email services on the market. 
It boasts great spam protection, customizable spam filters, email forwarding and allows you to send ‘self-destruct’ emails. Gmail has all the features you might need for personal use, and many more besides, and it's free. 
If you decide that you don’t want to have a @gmail.com email address but @yourdomain.com, it’s also possible to upgrade to Google Workspace with prices starting from $6/mo/user.
Before signing up, it’s worth noting that even though Google said they stopped scanning emails for advertising purposes back in 2017, they still do it for reasons other than targeting  (e.g. spam and malware detection). 
So if you are looking for a safe email account, then it might be better to consider other providers.

Target audience: Individuals
Spam Protection: Possibility to set allowlist/blocklist, add spam filters
Email Scheduling: Yes
Attachment Size: Up to 25MB
Storage: 15GB (shared with other Google services e.g. Google Drive)
Security/Privacy: Two-Factor Authentication, TLS encryption
Pricing: Free

Smooth integration with other Google services
Offline access to emails
Possible to ‘unsend’ emails
Keyboard shortcuts
Smart compose

Scanning emails
Labels/folders feature is confusing

Voices from Trustpilot

Gmail is good at making sure your emails show up on all your devices without any problems. But sometimes, people get too much spam, and they might lose an email once in a while, even if they're doing what Gmail says. Some people like that Gmail has been around for a long time and works well, but others think these problems make it harder to use.

Here are some customers’ thoughts about Gmail:
- “They keep filling up my email with spam garbage and useless ads. I follow all their instructions to have them stopped yet the inundation continues.“
- “I lose many emails that are important. They disappear into thin air. It is not satisfactory.“
- “I get huge amounts of spam. It does land directly in my spam folder or bin but nevertheless, Gmail should be blocking all obvious spam.“
- “I have been using Gmail for over a decade now and it has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I am more than happy with it.“
- “I've used Gmail for more than 10 years and am happy about, also the sync between mobile and PC.“

You are welcome to check more Trustpilot reviews here.


The free version of Outlook is always being compared to Gmail as they are two giants in the free email service market. The most notable and important difference is that Outlook doesn’t scan your emails and, acknowledging this fact, many people consider Outlook the best free business email. 
Outlook is also a good solution for those who need more than just basic features, however, if you need extra storage and additional features, like email encryption and a custom domain name (instead of @outlook.com), you can subscribe to one of the Outlook Premium plans starting from $69.99/year.

Target audience: Individuals, small and large businesses
Spam Protection: There are several levels of email protection. You can choose the one that is more suitable for you and/or create additional filters and rules, create safe senders or blocklists
Email Scheduling: Yes
Attachment Size: Up to 20MB
Storage: For free plan - 15GB, for paid - 50GB
Security/Privacy: Two-Factor Authentication, TLS encryption, more encryption goes with paid plan
Pricing: Free, Microsoft 365 Personal - $76.61/yr, Microsoft 365 Family - $102.15/yr

Conveniently integrated with many external apps like Skype or PowerPoint
Emails accidentally deleted can be recovered
Smart Compose

Ads in your inbox
Most of the security features are paid, so if you have a free plan, the system, for example, doesn’t check attachments and links for malware
Small attachment size

Voices from Trustpilot

Outlook is a popular choice for daily email correspondence, offering a good platform for communication. However, some users have expressed frustration with its spam filtering capabilities, as they continue to receive a high volume of unwanted emails despite attempts to block or report them. Additionally, there are recurring issues with logging into accounts, with users frequently having to reset passwords to regain access. 

Here are some thoughts from Trustpilot:
- “It works well and I use it as a daily mailer.”
- “Now I have used Outlook Mail for a long time and I haven’t had problems with it so I am happy with using their mailing service.“
- “I opened up a new Outlook account for email. Then after that, I have had nothing but issues logging in. Have to reset my password. Every time I log in I have to reset my password. I even made another account and the same thing.“
- “The most frustrating thing about outlook.com email is that you cannot effectively block spam, phishing, or any other form of malicious email.“
- “I get daily probably about 25 scam emails, I can report them, block them, report them as junk email/phishing emails, and it still non-stop continues.“

You can find additional reviews by clicking here.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail has been on the market for quite a long time, however, as years passed, the service hasn’t changed as much as others. A striking example is that Yahoo had several massive data breaches over the past 10 years. 
Apart from the security cases, the service is simple and user-friendly. It has all the features you might need for your everyday communications. 
A unique feature of Yahoo Mail is hundreds of aliases allowing you to sign up to different websites and delete the address if it is not needed anymore or if a lot of spam is received.

Target audience: Individuals
Spam Protection: You can create some filter rules, block email addresses, and set your spam folder to delete emails once in a specific period of time
Email Scheduling: Absent, however, you can set third-party plugin and it will be possible
Attachment Size: Up to 25MB
Storage: 1TB
Security/Privacy: Two-Factor Authentication, Account Key feature (sends key to your phone), TLS encryption
Pricing: Free

A lot of storage space
500 disposable aliases

Ads in the inbox
Several huge security breaches in the past

Voices from Trustpilot

Yahoo offers not bad mail service for users. However, many clients have expressed frustration with the company's customer support. Additionally, issues with logging into accounts and problems with data migration have been reported, adding to user dissatisfaction:
- “I received a better user experience with Yahoo.“
- “An absolute nightmare of customer service after the Accounts were not reachable for 3 days. No communication and no help. Service Hotline is not reachable at all. No updates.“
- “In fact I am currently trying to import emails to Gmail and it is so complicated, and this is the very reason I am importing my email in the first place.“
- “I lost access to my account when Yahoo experienced IT issues a few days ago. Been trying to reset my password since with no success.“

Feel free to review Yahoo Mail on Trustpilot at this link.


When it comes to a free secure email service, Tutanota is always compared to ProtonMail. They both position themselves as highly secure email providers that put safety and protection first. Tutanota secures your account with Two-Factor Authentication and anonymous signup with no IP tracking. Emails are end-to-end encrypted and scanned for spam.
They provide both free and paid solutions. The free plan is for personal usage (even during the account creation you need to confirm this by checking the corresponding box), and paid plans can be used as you want. There are 2 categories of plans: Private and Business, with the option of different billing cycles. Plans in both categories have the same name, but the differences are clear when it comes to the features;  like the number of aliases or domains. The prices are set in euros with no possibility of changing the currency, which makes checking the price inconvenient if you are located outside the EU.

Target audience: Individuals, small businesses
Spam Protection: Emails are put through multi-level spam protection by the system. You can also set your own spam rules that will block or disregard some email domains or addresses. Setting filters is available for paid plans only
Email Scheduling: -
Attachment Size: Up to 25MB
Storage: 1GB for Free plan, 20GB for Revolutionary, 500GB for Advanced and Legend plans, 50 GB for Essential plan and 1000GB for Unlimited plan
Security/Privacy: Anonymous signup, Two-Factor Authentication, end-to-end encryption, calendar is also encrypted
Pricing: For Private category, there are 3 plans: free, Revolutionary - $3.92/mo and Legend - $10.46/mo
For Business category: Essential - $7.85/mo, Advanced - $10.46/mo, Unlimited - $15.70/mo

Ad free
Calendar and contacts can be imported
Keyboards shortcuts

Free plan is limited: 1 alias and 1GB of storage
Only 5 aliases for all the paid plans except Pro
Filter rules are available for paid plans only
Emails import is not supported
A custom domain can be used with paid plans only

Voices from Trustpilot

Tutanota is widely recognized among privacy-focused email providers. Many users appreciate its commitment to privacy and security, finding it to be the best solution in this niche:
- “Best solution among privacy email providers.“
- “I examined various secure email solutions and Tutanota suited me best.“
- “I am enjoying Tutanota a bit more than one of the other notable end-to-end encryption providers.“

However, despite its strengths, some clients have encountered issues with the free version, experiencing bugs that prevent sending or receiving emails promptly. Additionally, there are complaints about the effectiveness of spam filtering. Furthermore, a few users have faced challenges with account access, even after upgrading to premium accounts:
- “The free version is buggy. Ex, cannot send emails, cannot receive emails or they arrive late. Notifications are often sent by Tutanota offering to "report" the problem but nothing changes.“
- “Daring to question the safety of this provider, as 2/3 of the emails in my inbox are spam, whereas important work emails often land in the spam folder, even if I have the sender saved in my contacts or have marked it as "not spam" before.“ 
- “I bought a premium account and paid for my account. Ever since then, I have been unable to access it.“

You are welcome to check Tutanota on Trustpilot here.

GMX Mail

GMX is a free email service. It is great for those who want to have a highly secure email service provider for no cost. It provides email encryption, and boasts some convenient tools - like a calendar and MailCheck extension. This one is also a great choice for those who are searching for best email service for personal use. 

Target audience: Individuals
Spam Protection: Customizable spam filters, acceptlist/blocklist
Email Scheduling: Yes
Attachment Size: Up to 50MB
Storage: 65GB
Security/Privacy: Antivirus, end-to-end encryption, Two-Factor Authentication
Pricing: Free

MailCollector tool
10 aliases/account available
Good security for free

Ads in your inbox

Voices from Trustpilot

GMX Mail provides a solid free email service that's easy to use and understand. Users appreciate its simplicity and functionality, making it a recommended choice for many:
- “I'd say it's just as good, if not better than Gmail, or any other popular free email services. Highly recommended.”
- “GMX is a good tool, easy to use and understand.”
- “GMX.com is an excellent email service provider with more than 30 years of history and plenty of free extras.”

However, despite its strengths, there are notable concerns regarding email deliverability, with some users experiencing delays or even lost emails without receiving bounce messages. Furthermore, complaints about blocked accounts have surfaced, with users frustrated by the lack of explanation or avenues for appeal. The most significant issue seems to be the lack of responsiveness from GMX's customer support, leaving users` issues without resolution:
- “Emails take a very long time to arrive at GMX. Some emails never arrive. There is no bounce message.“
- “Absolutely no response from GMX customer support other than an email stating that a ticket had been issued and someone would look into the situation and get back to me.“
- “GMX has suddenly blocked my account for no apparent reason. Furthermore, they are not willing to give the reason why and there is no route to appeal.“

Feel free to explore GMX Mail on Trustpilot at this link.

Types of email providers

When exploring the realm of email services, it's essential to consider the diverse offerings provided by various types of email providers. Several factors contribute to determining the ideal platform, including user-friendly interfaces, robust security measures, and efficient features. 

Here are a few main types of email providers:

Best email services for personal use: These are popular email services that offer free or paid email accounts to individuals and businesses. Examples include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook. They often provide a wide range of features and large storage capacities.

Best email services for business: Personalized email providers allow users to create custom email addresses using their own domain names. These are ideal for businesses and professionals looking to establish a branded online presence. These services cater specifically to the needs of businesses, offering features such as custom domains, collaboration tools, and administrative controls. Examples include Namecheap Private Email and Zoho Mail.

Best email services for startups: Some email providers offer specialized plans or features designed to meet the needs of startups and small businesses. These may include affordable pricing, scalable solutions, and integrations with other business tools. You can try Fastmail and ProtonMail for such purposes. 

Understanding the different types of email providers and their respective strengths is crucial in selecting the most suitable email service for specific requirements and your needs.


To sum up, we can highlight the following points so that you can pick a provider depending on your purposes:

  • The best email service providers for business would be Namecheap Private EmailOutlookFastmail and Zoho.
  • For not only business, but also for personal use if your focus is on privacy and reliability, the best ones are Namecheap Private Email and Zoho.
  • If your priority is security, and you have a small team (or if it’s for personal use), the best options for you are ProtonMail and Tutanota.
  • In case you are looking for a free email address for personal use, and privacy is not a top priority, then GmailYahoo! Mail, and GMX could be suitable.

By the way, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, new email providers are emerging with innovative features and enhanced user experiences. Among these newcomers, Spacemail and Hey Mail have garnered attention for their unique approaches to email communication. By exploring these innovative platforms, users gain access to cutting-edge solutions among mail service providers that redefine the email experience.

If your choice is Namecheap Private Email, you can check available plans and pricing on our product page. Or, in case you have any questions about our email service, feel free to contact our wonderful live chat support team.

Ultimately, our goal is to equip you with the necessary insights to select the best email provider that aligns with your specific requirements. We hope that with all this information, you can get an email address that meets your requirements, and one where you enjoy the service because it helps you grow your business!


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