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Email Glossary: 21 terms email user needs to know
Business Tools & Tips, Getting Started Online, Small Business Management, Starting a Business
Find definitions of common email list management, email marketing, and other industry terminology.
January 2023
Read time.18 mins
Article type.guide
What is an email domain and how to choose one?
Business Tools & Tips, Choosing a Domain, Getting Started Online, Small Business Management
A simple guide from Namecheap experts about how to Buy a Domain Email Address and how to choose one.
December 2022
Read time.5 mins
business email setup
Article type.guide
Business Email Set Up 101
101 Series, Business Tools & Tips, Small Business Management
Ready to launch your business email? You can use this information to set up your business email. Read this step-by-step guide to find out the different ways you can set up this vital marketing tool.
August 2022
Read time.10 mins
Article type.guide
10 Best Email Service Providers of 2022
Business Tools & Tips, Small Business Management
In this article, we’re going to take a look at and compare email providers for both personal and business use.
June 2022
Read time.16 mins

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