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101 Series

Creating a website 101

What you'll learn: From basics like domains and hosting, through to security and design advice, get the knowledge you need to build your first website.

101 SeriesDomainsHostingSecurity

Market Research 101

What you'll learn: Assess demand for your products, paint a picture of your customer base, understand what people want most, and so much more.

101 Series

Marketing analytics 101

What you'll learn: Learn all the key basics around how to track and measure your digital marketing channels with our easy guide to online analytics.

101 Series

Landing pages 101 – how to layout, write, and optimize landing pages

What you'll learn: Learn which type of landing page would be perfect for your business, and how to build, measure, and optimize it for extra success.

101 Series

Marketing a product 101

What you'll learn: Get insider tips for promoting a specific product from your brand, including how to put together a marketing strategy.

101 Series

Business Email Set Up 101

What you'll learn: Ready to launch your business email? You can use this information to set up your business email. Read this step-by-step guide to find out the different ways you can set up this vital marketing tool.

101 Series

SEO 101

What you'll learn: Give your website a push up the search engine rankings, and help make sure it gets found by people looking for businesses just like yours.

101 Series

Email marketing 101

What you'll learn: Learn all the key basics around hitting the right inboxes the right way — from target lists to designs to analytics and beyond.

101 Series

Social media ideas 101

What you'll learn: What type of content should you post? Discover the most winning social media content ideas that you can use again and again.

101 Series

Building a small business 101

What you'll learn: Learn about every aspect of creating, running, and owning a business, from the brainstorming stage to becoming a fully-fledged startup.

101 Series
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