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Nick A. | December 08, 2023
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Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your business or personal brand. But in order to convert your followers to customers, you need a way to direct traffic to your website. Many social media creators take advantage of bio links to do just that. Most links in bio only display one clickable URL. If you want to add more than one link for your followers, Simple Links offers an easy solution. Plus, it’s completely free to use.

Social media users typically have the opportunity to enter some basic information that will be displayed on their profile page. On some platforms, this includes a space to enter a URL. That URL becomes a clickable link that appears on the user’s profile. A profile link is usually situated right next to the user’s bio. This is why it’s often referred to as the “link in bio” in videos or captions.
The link in bio feature can vary a bit from one social media platform to the next. For example, any user on Instagram can add a link to their bio, but on TikTok, this feature is limited to business account users with at least 1,000 followers.

Adding links to bios is a smart strategy for users who want to leverage their social media content to generate more business. With the addition of a link, bios become a way to engage followers in a new way. Here are some of the top reasons to include a link in bio on your social media accounts.

1. Drive traffic to a website.

One of the best ways to use the clickable URL bio button is to direct other social media users to your website. Whether you have an online portfolio of creative projects, an official business site, or an e-commerce hub, including a bio link for that online destination will help drive traffic. 

Even if you create captivating social media content, that won’t necessarily translate to more website visitors. With a link in bio, you can use your social media presence to encourage more interaction with your brand. It’s an effective way to help followers engage with your business outside of a social media platform and become potential customers.

2. Promote a specific campaign.

A bio link is a clever way to bring more attention to a campaign you’re promoting on Instagram, TikTok, or another social media platform. Just direct users to the link and watch as an increasing number of people visit the intended online destination.

If your posts and videos highlight a specific sale, for example, you can provide a helpful link to the discounted products right in your profile. If you’re working on a marketing campaign to promote a new service offered by your business, you can link to a landing page that discusses features, pricing plans, and other important details.

3. Increase sales.

A link in your social media bio can be an effective way to drive sales for your business. Followers will be able to easily locate the product or service you’re offering with this handy bio feature.

Say you’re working with an influencer to promote a new line of clothing. They can show off the fresh fashions in their posts to boost interest in specific pieces. At the same time, the influencer can direct their followers to a link in bio if they'd like to know where those exact items are available for sale. You can also use the link in your brand’s bio to help direct users to your e-commerce hub or even an email capture form to collect potential leads for future sales.

4. Track your audience.

If you’re not sure whether your social media presence is having a positive impact on your business, use the link in your bio to track your audience’s activity. This is a creative way to measure how well your social media strategy is performing.

Consider creating a unique discount code only available to your social media followers who use your link in bio. That link can lead to a special landing page just for users of the social media platform. By analyzing the number of visits to the landing page, you can see how many people are engaging with your brand and are potentially interested in making purchases.

In most cases, only one link can be featured in a social media profile at a time. Fortunately, Simple Links makes it possible to feature multiple URLs via the link in bio. A Simple Links site acts as a landing page where you can display up to 12 links in one convenient place. 

Creating a Simple Links microsite with Namecheap only takes a few minutes. It’s free to use, and you can choose between a subdomain or your own domain. Follow these steps to build the perfect link in bio site with Simple Links.

Namecheap Simple Links landing page

Start by logging in to Namecheap or creating an account. Then, navigate to the Site Maker page and select Simple Links from the options near the top of the page. 

Step 2: Enter some basic information.

Next, add some essential details for your page.

After entering your email address, you’ll be prompted to add a few more bits of information:

Namecheap Simple Links website builder adding description

Your name should be the business name that you want to appear on the site. You can also include a headline to serve as a concise descriptor for your brand. For example, an artist might use their own name with the headline of “Graphic designer and illustrator”. A local bakery should enter their business name followed by a tagline or description, like “Downtown Chicago pastry shop”.

You’ll also find space to include a brief bio. Fill this out if you want to include additional information about your business or brand, like what types of services you provide or any accolades you want to share.
If you’d like, you can upload an image for your Simple Links page. This is a great place to include a colorful graphic, a photograph of a brick-and-mortar store, a brand logo, or another image representing your business.

Next, you’ll start inputting the URLs you want to link to. Start with any social media handles you want to share with your followers:

Namecheap Simple Links website builder adding social media profiles

Simply click on the icons for the sites you want to include, then copy and paste the URLs for your user profiles on each platform.

Step 4: Customize the design.

Now it’s time to personalize the way your site looks. First, pick a layout from the following template formats:

Namecheap Simple Links website builder choosing template

After that, select the colors and fonts you want to use. Take this opportunity to create a consistent look with your brand’s visual identity. For example, you can tie in your logo colors when you pick the base color for your template:

Namecheap Simple Links website builder choosing colors

Step 5: Preview your site.

When you reach the next page, you’ll have the chance to preview your site. Click on the name Simple Links to make any necessary adjustments. If you wish to include more links, click on “Add Another Link”, then add the link text and URL. You can repeat this step multiple times to include up to 12 links.

Namecheap Simple Links website builder adding links

Step 6: Publish your site.

Once everything is ready to go, click the “Publish Website” button. In the final step, you’ll be able to opt for a free subdomain, select a Namecheap domain you already own, or search Namecheap for an available domain to use. This will determine the URL for your Simple Links site, so think about which option you want to appear as your link in bio.

It’s easy to make changes to your Simple Links site at any time. Just log into your Namecheap account when you want to add new URLs to your page, delete old links, or make changes to the site’s appearance.

Check out Simple Links to see just how easy it is to make a bio link for social media. This Namecheap website builder is a great tool for businesses who want to expand their customer base through social media.


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