PR tips to earn free media coverage for your business

Derek M. | June 06, 2023
19 mins


Learn how to earn free media coverage and publicity for your business. Most people think of PR and media relations as a marking channel that only big companies can afford, but I’m going to explain a few simple PR tactics that will have your brand, product, or service earning free media coverage, positive publicity, and essential exposure sure to bring more awareness and ultimately more customers to your business.


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Derek M.

Derek Musso is currently Namecheap's Head of Public Relations & Communications and brings nearly two decades of experience leading public relations, digital marketing and corporate communications campaigns for video games, gadgets, apps, virtual reality, software, hardware, toys, and many other consumer products. Prior to joining Namecheap he worked with a number of notable brands including, 2K Games, Crytek, Linden Lab, World Cyber Games, iHome, ONKYO, VOX, Petcube Nickelodeon, MTV and more.

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