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Ruth D. | May 25, 2023
35 mins


A brand story is more than the about page. Understanding what makes your business and products special and why people want to buy from you will help you to write compelling sales copy, create cohesive imagery, and targeted SEO which combine into a powerfully persuasive site.
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Ruth D.

Ruth Douglas is a marketing consultant and coach that helps people take their businesses online and grow their sales. She’s expert at creating marketing stories that showcase what makes a business special and connect with customers. Her experience in multiple sectors including charity fundraising, leisure and tourism and the adult industry (toys) means that her clients benefit from a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge that helps them stand out in what are often crowded marketplaces. Ruth lives in Devon with a daughter and two cats - no-one is sure who is really in charge, but we suspect it’s the cats!

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