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Sarah A. | June 01, 2023
46 mins


Come and spend 40 minutes in SEO tips for beginners and you’ll discover what to optimize your homepage, contact page, and about page for, as well as learning the language of SEO. Even if you don’t do it yourself, you’ll know exactly what to ask your SEO expert to do, and you’ll even know what they’re talking about!

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Sarah A.

Sarah Arrow is an accidental digital marketer. She joined her husband’s transport company after maternity leave and had no idea how to market the business. That was in 2006. By 2010 they had a bigger digital footprint than DHL, UPS and Fedex combined. Not too shabby for a small regional transport company! Search played an interesting part in how their business was found, and Sarah is going to share the easy parts in SEO tips for Beginners.

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