SEO Course

Rodney B. | March 30, 2023
52 mins


Course overview

Start shooting your website up the Google rankings with this easy-to-follow course. Split into digestible modules for your convenience, it is designed and delivered by industry experts to give you a solid grounding in the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tools and techniques.

Who is this course for?

This course has been specially created to help beginners, solopreneurs, and small businesses get more from their SEO — for zero cost. It combines background knowledge with practical guidance and skills, equipping you to put theory into practice and achieve real-world results for your website and business.

What you will learn

Over six short modules, you will learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization. From understanding the basics and language of SEO, to learning hands-on ways to start using tools and optimizing your website straight away, you will complete the course with a solid understanding of SEO basics and how to apply them.


Picture of Rodney B.

Rodney B.

Rodney is the Content Marketing Editor for EasyWP, and a writer at Namecheap. As an SEO specialist, he strives to create entertaining and valuable publications for all internet creators. Offline, he enjoys running, acting, and loaded nachos.

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