Building an email list and a community with virtual summits

Greguyschka F. | June 01, 2023
21 mins


In this masterclass, participants will learn how to interview their way to success to grow their list, create a virtual summit to build a list, and leverage virtual summit to build a responsive community.

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Picture of Greguyschka F.

Greguyschka F.

Greguyschka Félix is a Brain-Based Money Mindset Mentor, the go to Industry expert on breakthrough leadership trainer, featured speaker, MA in Psychology, & host of the LeadHER Impact Summit. Through her signature program, Worthy to Profit, Greguyschka helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and corporate escapees remove limiting beliefs and train their brains to work with them instead of against them, and build, sell, and run high-level group programs. Greguyschka is a top 100 Women by Canada’s International Black Women, and was named by Emotional Intelligence Training Cie as 2020 Change Leader. She’s also been featured in Le Devoir, as well as EITC with David Cory, Road To Success with Brittany Harvey, Thriving Thought Podcast with Dr Sherri Yoder.

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