Top tech tools for business

Alice J. | May 15, 2023
27 mins


Focusing on the 3 areas; time management, task management and tech management this session will review the best tools that can support business owners in each area. The technology available to us now is incredible but can also be completely overwhelming. Picking some key tools to help keep things under control can make a huge difference to the way we work.

Through sharing a variety of tools and explaining how different personalities work better with different tools, viewers will be asked to question the tools on offer and pick the best ones for their needs, not necessarily the most popular or well known. Covering both some old favorites and some newer offers, even self confessed geeks should find something new in the session while those who are less familiar with technology may just find their new favorite tool.


Picture of Alice J.

Alice J.

Alice Jennings is part geek, part business champion and wholehearted believer that running your business shouldn’t make you miss out on (delete as appropriate) sleep / weekends with the family / nights out with friends / your sanity. She helps you get your business systems working hard so you don't have to. She loves Systems and Processes so much she's even written a book about them! When she's not sorting out systems she's a country girl with a small flock of rare breed sheep, a family and a dopey Labrador to keep her busy.

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