Beating procrastination & boosting productivity

Prash K. | June 01, 2023
29 mins


Shift from procrastination and skyrocket your productivity through proven tools and tactics that have helped business owners and entrepreneurs to get the edge when it comes getting more done, in less time, with less stress and more results.

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Prash K.

Prash is an international Conscious Leadership & Wellbeing Expert, Coach and Speaker and CEO of Stress To Success. He brings 25+ years’ corporate, peak performance and wellbeing experience having worked with the likes of HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and other global and local businesses and start-ups, reaching many tens of thousands of people globally through his events, retreats and podcast. Combined with his longstanding corporate and business background, Prash’s extensive experience in wellbeing practices, peak performance, and emotional intelligence, has resulted in a unique style of coaching, training and consulting that blends unconventional wisdom with real-world pragmatism. See more: Global Business Playbook

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