How to Fix Error 524

Error 524 "A timeout occurred" is an unofficial server error that is specific to domain names that use CloudFlare as their DNS provider. Error 524 occurs when a connection to the hosting server was successful but the HTTP connection timed out earlier than the HTTP request was complete.

CloudFlare time-out value is set to 100 seconds. This means that if CloudFlare doesn’t receive a response from the server within 100 seconds, it will time out, close the connection, and return Error 524 to the user.

The reason of the Error 524

Error 524 is usually triggered by a long-running process on the hosting server. For example, it could be a database query or some PHP process. As a result, the web server has to wait before responding to a request, it takes more than 100 seconds of the CloudFlare time-out limit and the connection gets closed displaying Error 524.

How to Fix Error 524
  1. It is likely that the error is related to the fact that your account is hitting LVE limits. When some resource limits of your hosting are hit, the processes may be slowed down. Check out our recommendations on how to deal with such issues here. Also, it may make sense to optimize your website.

  2. If you know that your website received an increased volume of traffic in a short period of time, then it's possible that you need to upgrade your hosting plan to a higher plan that provides more resources to handle the traffic. Please contact our Customer Support Team for upgrade advice.

  3. Your website may be under a DDoS attack. In this case, you need to enable the Under Attack mode in CloudFlare.

  4. For WordPress users, the issue may be related to some processes launched by WordPress plugins. To fix the error, you may need to disable all of your WordPress plugins. We have a video tutorial and an article about how to do this.

  5. Also, when it comes to WordPress, the issue may be triggered by a malfunction of the WordPress theme. You may find a guide on how to change theme here.

  6. Error 524 is possible in cases when your WordPress was hacked. Check out this manual to figure out how to fix the hacked WordPress website.

  7. To locate the processes that require more than 100 seconds, you may need to check your error log. The error_log file located in the domain web root directory that can be accessed via File Manager in cPanel. If you're an advanced user, you can also check active processes in cPanel >> Terminal menu using the following command:
    ps aux

  8. The issue may happen in case of a redirect loop on the side of a hosting server. You may need to check your .htaccess file for incorrect redirects.

  9. Also, the error may appear due to the load on our server. Please check Namecheap Status page for news or contact our Customer Support Team so we can check whether there are any server-wide issues.

If you regularly run HTTP requests that take over 100 seconds to complete (for example, large data exports) then you can move those processes behind a subdomain not proxied (grey clouded) in the Cloudflare DNS app settings.

Also, it is possible to increase the CloudFlare time-out value up to 6000 seconds for enterprise customers.

If you still can't fix the error, then please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team!
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