Extendify Overview

Extendify is a site creation experience built natively on WordPress. It uses only core WordPress components so that sites built with Extendify are fully extensible and compatible with all plugins, themes, and WooCommerce functionality. The main components of Extendify are Launch, Assist, and Library.

Please note that on our hosting, Extendify is available only with Stellar hosting packages. Also, it can be applied only to the new websites, not to the existing ones.

In order for Extendify to be enabled for new WordPress users, Extendify should be selected during WordPress installation in Softaculous:

To install WordPress using Softaculous, please use this guide.


During the first WordPress login, Extendify will ask you about the details of your future website:

1. Site type - from a bookstore, community center, news site, or online store, Extendify will deliver a site that matches what you would like to create. Start entering the branch you want to create the website and site-type tips will appear. If you plan to run a specific type of business that can't be found in the site-type tips, don't worry and choose the closest available field to generate the appropriate design and add functionality later:

2. Site Name - enter the name of your website. You can change this later:

3. Goals - knowing the goals allows Extendify to create a site that helps you succeed long-term. You can select several goals of your future website. Based on the goals, the plugins helping to achieve these goals will be installed:

NOTE: We use a freemium version of plugins which you can later upgrade or replace with the alternatives on your choice.

4. Design preferences - bold, minimal, bohemian, and everything in between, it gives you a range of styles to choose from. All can be easily changed later:

5. Pages - Extendify recommends pages to be added to the site, but you can customize this to make it your own and always add additional pages later:

6. Launch AI uses the power of AI to generate a fully personalized site. Based on your industries and goals, you may customize the pages, content, and plugins needed to make a website successful:

After you fill in the constructor, the website creation process will start: layouts and content will be added, the necessary plugins will be installed, etc.

Your WordPress website will be ready in a few minutes. Once the installation is completed, you will receive the following message when the website is ready:

Now you can access your newly created website:


If you want to edit the website, we will help you to achieve that goal with Extendify Assist:

1. Tasks - contains the list that is tailored to each user’s specific goals, providing a step-by-step guide to building a successful and highly functional website:

2. Help Center - it offers a comprehensive collection of articles to help you learn WordPress and build successful websites. From setting up your first website to advanced customization techniques, the articles cover a wide range of topics about different things with WordPress, including screenshots, and videos:

3. Tours - guided tours of WordPress’s features and functionalities are designed to help you navigate and utilize the platform more effectively. With easy-to-follow instructions and interactive demos, you will be able to quickly and confidently master the ins and outs of WordPress:

4. Recommendations - the personalized block that is based on your website and goals, helping you to make the most out of your WordPress experience:


Extendify Library can be used to create new website pages as well as to edit existing pages in just a few clicks with any theme without a line of code.

It can be found in your WordPress dashboard >> Pages menu:

To create a new website page, click on the Add New button and Design Library will appear. Here you can select designed full-page layouts:

To edit an existing page, click on the Edit near the page you want to change:

Here you can make changes on your own using the sidebar or just clicking Design Library and selecting the necessary layout:

AI Co-Pilot

AI Copilot helps you generate content for your WordPress site. Whether you need blog posts, articles, product descriptions, or any other type of content, the AI can assist in drafting text based on your inputs and preferences. Also, it integrates tools for SEO improvement and editor utilities:

It can help with the main administrative tasks by providing smart suggestions and automating processes. Additionally, you can use it to streamline the workflow and improve your website's performance.

AI Writing Assistant

NOTE: AI Writing Assistant is available with the 1.14 plugin version. You may update plugins using this guide.

The AI Writing Assistant can provide you with content ideas and suggestions. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for ways to expand your existing content, AI can help generate relevant and engaging topics tailored to your audience.

To create a new post/page or edit an existing one in your WordPress dashboard, just click on the Ask AI option in the editor to open the AI Writing Assistant:

Tell the AI Writing Assistant what you would like to write and it will generate the copy as requested:

The result will be available on the page at once:

AI Image Generator

NOTE: AI Image Generator is available with the 1.14 plugin version. You may update plugins using this guide.

In addition, Extendify also includes an AI Image Generator that allows you to create custom images for your articles. With a wide range of customization options, you can easily create images that match the theme and style of your website, making it more visually appealing and engaging.

Click on Get Personalized Image option to generate images to bring a website to life:


Edit the existing content using the Ask AI option, and provide the description or instructions to adapt it to meet your needs:

Tell what kind of image you would like to see and it will generate:

Now you can see the requested image on the website:

That's it!

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