How to setup Supersonic CDN with Shared hosting

If your domain is hosted on a Shared hosting account, you can easily connect a Supersonic CDN to it.

NOTE: The domain should be pointed to our web-hosting Nameservers.

Supersonic CDN can be used with EasyWP as well. Check this guide to find the steps for adding your EasyWP website to our CDN.

To connect your Shared hosting with Supersonic CDN, follow the next steps.

NOTE: To complete the Supersonic CDN setup, create the website redirect to in the .htaccess file. For this, feel free to follow this guide.
If your website is created on a CMS, use one of the next articles to change the URL for WordPress, Joomla, Opencart.

1. First of all, you need to purchase a Supersonic CDN plan. For this, login to the Namecheap account and navigate to the Apps tab:

2. On the next page, choose the plan you want to purchase and click Get to proceed with the purchase or Try Free if you want to get a free plan:

3. Once confirmed the purchase, choose your domain from the drop-down menu and click Continue:

4. The final step in the set up will be to paste the IP address. This information can be checked in the Hosting Welcome Email, in the Namecheap account >> Hosting management page or in the cPanel account >> General information section.
You can also contact our Chat Support if you need assistance with it and they will provide you with the needed details.

5. Confirm your actions on the next page clicking on Activate now!:

6. Then you will be offered to upload the SSL certificate for the website. You can either upload the SSL certificate at once or skip this step and do it later:

7. After these steps, your website will be added to the CDN and you will get the corresponding notification:

Now you can manage the CDN settings in the Supersonic CDN account for your domain.

To access Supersonic CDN account next time, go the Apps menu in your Namecheap account and click on the Supersonic CDN logo:

That’s it!

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