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Here you can find answers to many common questions about our EasyWP product.

  • What version of WordPress will be used for my website?
We install the latest major WordPress version for newly created EasyWP subscriptions. Still, we do not force an update for already created WordPress websites.

  • Do you offer automatic WordPress Core Updates?
WordPress automatically checks and updates its core components for minor and security updates. You can read more about Automatic Background Updates on the WordPress website.

If you have installed third party plugins or themes, these will need to be updated manually from the WordPress admin section.

  • How do I access the WordPress admin section?
Either go to http://your-website/wp-admin (where your-website is the URL of your website) or log into the EasyWP dashboard and click the three vertical dots to the right hand side of your EasyWP application and click 'Go to wp-admin'.

  • Can I install my own theme?
You can install any theme of your choice using WordPress dashboard or even upload your own theme files using built-in WordPress menu.
NOTE: While choosing which theme to install, we always recommend you avoid untrusted sources, as well as illegal free downloads of premium plugins, as these could break your site or compromise your site security. Also, make sure that the theme is compatible with the WordPress version and other plugins you have installed.

  • Are there any plugins that are not allowed to be installed?
Generally speaking, we don’t have restrictions on plugins. However, we do have a small shortlist of banned plugins here. These are blocked because they are known to be bad, known to hurt your website or known to cause performance issues.

  • What about caching plugins?
At EasyWP we are offering 3 levels of advanced caching. This delivers more speed, more agility and reduced load times. Page, object, and database caching plugins won't be needed. If you have plugins that optimize/minify content (such as CSS, Javascript, etc.), these will continue to work fine.

NOTE: While choosing which plugins to install, we always recommend you avoid untrusted sources, as well as illegal free downloads of premium plugins, as these could break your site or compromise your site security. Also, make sure that all plugins are compatible with the WordPress version and other plugins you have installed.

  • Are there any PHP functions disabled for my WordPress website?
Yes, there are. To check what PHP functions are disabled, refer to this article.

  • Can I install WordPress MU/Multisite with EasyWP?
No, EasyWP doesn't support WordPress Multisite at the moment.

  • Is it possible to install WordPress on a subdomain?
EasyWP WordPress site can be created on a domain registered with us, on an external domain (except of handshake domains) or on a free address (e.g. https://blog-user.ewp.live). By design, EasyWP should not be used with subdomains.

  • Can I use Google Analytics?
You sure can! There are several Google Analytics plugins you can install to make this easier.

  • Will I be able to set up a contact form?
There are a number of free and paid plugins that allow you to create a simple contact or mail form. One example is Simple Contact Form Plugin – Pirate Forms which has a very simple setup.

  • Can I connect my WP installation to a database hosted elsewhere?
For security reasons we do not allow you to connect to an external database.

  • Can I use a domain from another registrar?
Yes, with EasyWP you can use any domain name, regardless of where it’s registered. The only exception is handshake domains, they cannot be used with EasyWP. To check additional details, refer to this article.

  • How many websites can I create with EasyWP?
EasyWP allows you to create one WordPress website. However, you may create more websites by ordering additional EasyWP subscriptions.

  • How many EasyWP subscriptions can I order?
 We do not have any restrictions on how many subscriptions you can order per Namecheap account.

  • How can I renew an EasyWP subscription?
You can manage the renewal in the  Namecheap Dashboard >> Apps >> Subscriptions tab by switching the auto-renewal toggle to the right from the subscription on/off. The payment management is also available in the EasyWP Dashboard >> Overview >> Subscription section >> Next Payment.

  • How can I upgrade/downgrade my EasyWP subscription?
You can upgrade the subscription in the EasyWP Dashboard using Change button in the Overview >> Subscription section. For the detailed steps, refer to this article.

If you want to downgrade your EasyWP subscription, please contact our Support Team.

Unfortunately, there are no opportunities to perform the downgrade from your side currently. However, we are working on implementing this option in the future.

  • Do I get FTP/SSH/SFTP access to my website?
We do offer SFTP. To learn how to connect your WordPress website on EasyWP, refer to this article.

  • Do I get access to cPanel?

We don’t provide cPanel with EasyWP. Instead, we designed a single, customized dashboard to easily manage all your EasyWP websites—without any cPanel hassle. All the tools you need to maintain and manage are literally at your fingertips, whether that’s connecting a domain name, managing your backups or getting access to your files/databases. With your EasyWP dashboard, it only takes a few clicks.

However, if you’re more familiar with the cPanel interface and prefer more control over your website’s customization, we suggest Namecheap Shared Hosting.

  • Do I get access to File manager and PHPMyAdmin?
Yes, we do offer SFTP and provide access to a database through PHPMyAdmin.

  • What are the SSL security options available on EasyWP?
EasyWP offers several security options depending on the domain you use, you can find the details in this article. There's a free PositiveSSL available with all EasyWP plans. If you want to install a custom SSL, this guide might be useful.

  • Do you offer a CDN?
Yes, we do provide a CDN already for EasyWP. The detailed information about our Supersonic CDN product you can find in this article.

  • Can I get a dedicated IP address?
No, we do not provide a dedicated IP address at this time.

  • Do you limit the number of visitors I can have to my website?
Generally speaking, we do not limit the number of visitors that can visit your website. However, we recommend the Starter plan for websites with up to 50,000 visitors per month, the Turbo plan for 200,000 visits per month, and Supersonic for 500,000 visitors.

  • Can EasyWP handle high amounts of traffic in short periods of time?
The amount of visitors for each plan is a recommended number and not a limit. The amount of traffic that can be handled depends on how optimized the site is, etc. We will not block the site if it goes above the recommended number of visitors.

  • Do you have any email limits?
Yes, in order to reduce the number of spam emails originating from the websites hosted on EasyWP and improve emails deliverability, we limited the number of outgoing emails sent from a single website using PHP mail() function to 50 emails per day. We believe that this limit should be enough for everyday use.

If you are using a third party SMTP service to send emails from the website, we do not limit the number of such outgoing emails on our end.

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