EasyWP: How to downgrade a subscription

Currently, EasyWP offers the next plans: Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic.

Kindly be informed that we do not provide a built-in downgrade feature like the upgrade process in the dashboard due to technical limitations. However, our Support Team can assist you with this. While we cannot adjust your current plan downward, we're eager to help you transition your content to a separate plan that suits your needs.

NOTE: We highly recommend reviewing the plans’ hardware configurations specified below.

Resource TypeStarterTurboSupersonic
CPU0.5 Core0.75 Core1.125 Core
RAM512 MB768 MB1152 MB

To determine if the downgrade will be beneficial, feel free to check the current website resources. For this, it is necessary to open the Analytics menu built into your EasyWP Dashboard. You can access your EasyWP Dashboard either from within your Namecheap account by going to your Namecheap Dashboard >> Apps in the left-side menu and clicking on the EasyWP icon. Alternatively, click here to access the EasyWP Dashboard directly.

The guide EasyWP: How to check CPU & RAM usage might be helpful for you to find the necessary information.

Occasionally, downgrading may result in decreased performance for your website if the selected plan offers fewer resources than your website requires.

NOTE: Our discounted plans and free trials are exclusively designed for the initial billing cycle and are intended solely for testing the service during this period. These offers are not meant for upgrading or downgrading purposes.

Also, please note that when you get a new subscription and we move your content there over, the existing EasyWP plan won't be canceled automatically. As a result, you have two options on how to deal with such a case:

  • you can continue using the old plan; however, a refund for this subscription will not be applicable;
  • you can cancel the old subscription, getting a partial refund if eligible.

To proceed with checking the refund process, kindly reach out to our Support Team. Feel free to specify the preferred plan you wish to use and indicate whether you would like to cancel the current one after the migration of your website. Our team will assist you accordingly.
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