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So, what is this Free PositiveSSL option?

As the SSL certificates are becoming more and more required and sometimes even obligatory (it is by now mandatory for any website to be approved by Google Chrome), we’ve started provisioning a Free PositiveSSL option to our customers with Turbo and Supersonic EasyWP packages. Our free SSL certificate will give your site HTTPS URLs. HTTPS is the current version of HTTP, adding security to its capabilities. Domains with HTTPS offer users peace of mind the transfer of data is protected. It is a 1-year PositiveSSL certificate from Sectigo CA, assigned to your account.

Note: Right now, the Free PositiveSSL feature is supported by Namecheap domains only, and we are working on developing the external domains support in the near future.

Note: Find out more about the other websites.

How does the Free PositiveSSL work?

We are working on the Free SSL installation automation. However, at the current moment, you'll need to make just a few clicks to enable your free certificate.

Here's how it works:

  • The Free PositiveSSL option can be found in the EasyWP Dashboard >> Website panel.
  • There, click Manage in the SSL Certificate tab:

  • Click Add:

  • You’ll see the following options in the SSL Certificate menu:

  • Tick Free PositiveSSL and wait for a bit:

  • Next, switch the status toggle and give it a few moments to finish the process:

Well done, you’ll see the Free PositiveSSL enabled in the Dashboard, and that’s basically it!

Keep in mind that if you use the Supersonic CDN service for this website, the certificate should be installed in the CDN panel as well. For this, just click the Sync button at the certificate status page. It will appear right below the status toggle shortly after the certificate's been enabled.

: You can also switch the Free PositiveSSL Off or replace it with the custom one, please refer to this article for the detailed guidelines.


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