What do I need to validate an OV certificate?

With an Organization Validated Certificate the Certificate Authority verifies your ownership of the domain name and business registration information (you will be asked to submit a few documents) before issuing a certificate. Information about both domain and company will also be listed in the certificate. The callback verification is also an obligatory step for this certificate. Since Comodo perform manual validation of your business, these certificates can take up to two business days to be issued. They provide higher assurance to your users. This type of certificates is recommended for ecommerce websites where the end user should be informed about the Company they are going to deal with.

For this type of certificates the HTTPS and a padlock are displayed in the address bar of the end user’s browser. The company’s information incorporated in the Certificate will be also visible on the Site Seal.

In order to verify the existence of your organization, Comodo must be able to find it listed either in an official government database or a third party database such as Dun & Bradstreet. If the address on your account does not match the database record, they may use one of the additional documents for address verification. A full list of paperwork and explanation of the validation process provided by Comodo Certificate Authority can be found here. Once you finish the activation process, an email with a list of the exact required documents will be sent to you. If you have questions regarding the validation process, feel free to email docs-enquiries@comodo.com. Your Comodo Order Number is listed in the subject of the “Welcome email”. Please quote the Order Number in all correspondence with Comodo Validation Team.


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