Is it possible to renew a certificate, purchased from another provider, with you?

Mostly it is not possible to renew a certificate purchased elsewhere with us, since certificates are not transferable. To maintain your Internet security we recommend that you renew your certificate at least two weeks prior to its expiration date. Unfortunately, renewal does not happen automatically, you need to generate a new pair of the CSR code and RSA Key and follow the process similar to the activation and then reinstall Certificate on the server. Please ensure that you generate and use the new CSR. If you put in a regular CSR (i.e. the CSR generated during initial certificate activation), you may lose days remaining or get an error when trying to input the CSR.

Also please keep in mind that according to the Level of the Certificate Validation activation/renewal will take you about:

  • 30 minutes for Domain Validation Certificates;
  • Up to 2 business days for Organization Validation Certificates;
  • EV Certificates are validated within 10 business days.

You will need to provide required documents to the Certificate Authority and proceed with a verification callback for all Organization and Extended Validation Certificates. It will be required for each and every renewal process even if it was done with your previous provider. During the validation process you will need to mention that you already have a certificate with this Certificate Authority which should expedite the issuance of the Certificate.
    In order to expedite the issuance of the renewal OV/EV certificate you can contact the Certificate Authority directly or our Support Team and provide us with the ID of the renewal order.
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