How do I use the Onepager (legacy) and hosting services simultaneously?

NOTE: New purchases of Onepager are disabled, though we are fully supporting the existing subscriptions.

In case you choose the Onepager service and hosting service for a single domain name, you will often need to decide which one to use in priority to build a web page, but it is still possible to use them both simultaneously for certain purposes. Before explaining how it works, let’s find out what Onepager is, what hosting service is and what the main difference between them is.

What is Onepager?

Onepager is a web tool that lets create and easily manage a simple one-page business website without any additional web development knowledge. This is a very convenient solution for non-complex websites and can serve as a source of information that does not contain any heavy content and additional references.

What is a hosting service?

Hosting service is a powerful solution for those who plan to start a business and manage their own complex websites with media content included. It is a web space dedicated to website-related files that includes powerful additional services for the future business like email service, DNS management tools, SEO marketing tools, different security solutions, etc. Some technical knowledge is usually required to build a functional website from scratch, but in order to simplify this process, we provide Softaculous script installer. It allows to build a website by choosing one of the the most popular and powerful scripts such as Wordpress, Joomla and many others and installing them in a few clicks. It is possible to check the full list of scripts available here.

What is the difference between them?

The main difference between both services is the functionality they provide. Onepager is mainly used to create simple landing or information pages while hosting service allows to create a fully functional complex website and is mainly used for substantial projects that require powerful management tools and additional services like email service, for instance. So considering the differences, you may use the Onepager service to quickly create a landing or an "under construction" page for your website rather than building a more complicated site in a hosting environment.

Also, you can create multiple websites under one hosting account. So, in case you have a few domain names, and you plan on building some of your sites with the Onepager service while others will use some external content like scripts, templates, modules, etc., our web hosting solution will be the best option to manage them all.

And of course, you can create different subdomains within your hosting account, and while your main site may be created by Onepager, a hosting account will allow you to create additional pages for your website.

How to configure my domain to use both services?

You need to point your domain name to our hosting DNS and manage its DNS settings in cPanel.

This option is considered to be the most convenient and easy to use, so it is highly recommended to stick to it.

Before making any changes to your DNS settings, make sure you have your domain name pointed to our hosting nameservers: and

Additional information on how to change DNS settings for the domain registered with us can be found here. After that, log into your cPanel account using login details provided in the Hosting Welcome Guide email and navigate to Zone Editor under the Domains menu:

For cPanel Basic Theme:

For cPanel Retro Theme:

Then find the domain name you need to change DNS settings for and click Manage next to it:

Once done, find the line that indicates this domain and its corresponding A record as shown below, and click on Edit next to it:

Then you need to type in the corresponding IP address into Address field and then simply click on Save Record:

After a short propagation period (up to 30 minutes), your Onepager service should be available for the corresponding domain name.

In this case, all the functionality of the web hosting package remains unchanged. You will still be able to use all the main features and build web pages for subdomains or additional domain names.

That's it!

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