How do I order a dedicated IP?

To order a dedicated IP address for Namecheap hosting, you will need to submit a ticket to our Billing department via the Helpdesk.
The Billing department will issue an invoice. Once the invoice is settled, our technicians will assign an IP address to your hosting package. The cost of an IP address is $2/month.

PLEASE NOTE: the billing cycle of your dedicated IP will be automatically adjusted to match the current billing period of your hosting plan.

Due to technical limitations, only one dedicated IP address can be assigned to a single cPanel account. Thus, you cannot order more than one dedicated IP for Stellar, Stellar Plus or Stellar Business plans (and old Value, Professional, Ultimate, Business SSD plans).

The maximum number of dedicated IP addresses for different types of plans is as follows:

1. Shared plans - 1 IP
2. Business plan - 1 IP
3. Reseller plans: 
    - with Nebula and Galaxy Expert plans - 2 IPs 
    - with Universe Pro - 4 IPs
4. VPS*- 4 IPs
5. Outlet (Clearance) Dedicated servers** - 2 IPs.
6. Dedicated servers*** - 16 IPs.


* VPS Pulsar is provided with 1 IP default. You can request up to 3 additional ones.
VPS Quasar can be ordered with 1 or 2 IPs by default. 2 more IPs can be ordered for $2/mo per each by submitting a ticket to our Billing Department.

**Outlet Dedicated servers are provided with 1 IP by default, but it is possible to get 1 more IP by contacting our Billing department.

*** It is possible to order only 1 additional dedicated IP with allXeon-1230, Xeon-1240 andXeon-1241 Dedicated servers. You are able to get the second IP with theIP justification form.

The rest of server types are provided with 2 IP addresses by default, 2 more IPs can be ordered without the IP justification form and starting from the 5th and up to 16th IP, it is required to fill in the form.

If you need more dedicated IPs than allowed with your current hosting plan, you can have it upgraded by submitting a request via ticket to our Billing department.

PLEASE NOTE: Per our policy, refunds do not apply to dedicated IP addresses that are not included into the package and are purchased at the additional fee.


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