Can I transfer my hosting account to another Namecheap user?

Yes, your hosting account can be transferred to another Namecheap user. However, this can be done only by our Billing representatives.

To request the package transfer, go to the Hosting List in the Namecheap account. Find the needed domain and choose Manage from the drop-down list next to the hosting package:

On the next page, choose the Change Service Owner option in the Account Actions drop-down menu:

You will be redirected to the Ticket submission form where you should add all the related details of the request.

Alternatively, you can contact our Live Chat support or submit a ticket to the Billing team.

For us to be able to verify your account information before the transfer, please provide the following details when submitting your request:
  • Source user Namecheap account username;
  • Source user Support PIN;
  • Identification of the service (domain name/cPanel username for Shared/Reseller hosting package; main IP address for VPS/dedicated server);
  • Destination user Namecheap account username;
  • Destination user full name or email address stored in the destination Namecheap account.

In case the provided details do not correspond to the ones stored in any of the accounts, the system will not allow to perform the transfer. If needed, it is possible to update information in the Namecheap profile by following the instructions from this article.

Once the information is confirmed, the hosting account will be transferred.

In order to find your Support PIN, click here.

That's it!

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