Do you have server backups?

Yes, each server data is backed up once every 3-7 days depending on the account type and server specification. We would like to note that these backups are made for server restoration purposes only. It is your responsibility to maintain local copies of the web content and information of your site. We offer the following backup options:

  • The Backup/Restore feature is included in cPanel with each hosting plan, and you can use this tool to back up your files.
  • We offer AutoBackup, which is a cPanel plugin that allows customers with Premium and Business Hosting to retrieve a full cPanel backup right away.

If data loss occurs, we will attempt to recover the data free of charge for the client. If the hosting service was suspended or terminated, we will attempt to recover the data from the most recent archive for a $15.00 service fee.

If your hosting package was terminated and you would like to reactivate the service, please check the article for further instructions here.

Please view our Accepted Use Policy paragraph 10.3 'Backup Limitations' for detailed information here.

If you feel that something has happened to your data, and you need us to retrieve your files from the backup, contact our Hosting Technical team via ticket system.

NOTE: We run weekly backups for all accounts on our shared servers. However, the backups can be created only if the accounts do not take more than 25 GB of disk space usage and contain not more than 200,000 inodes. These backups are for maintenance purposes only, and therefore, we advise you to create your own backup. For our Stellar Plus customers who use the AutoBackup tool, if the account reaches the 25 GB backup storage limit or contains more than 200,000 inodes, the backup will not be created until other files are removed. For our Stellar Business customers, we offer unlimited backup storage space with the AutoBackup tool.

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