How to log in Namecheap Private Email webmail

You can access OX App Suite webmail at or http://mail.yourdomain.tld, if the appropriate DNS records are set up. Use your full Private Email address as the username and the password to log in.

Alternatively, you can log into webmail from within your Namecheap account:

   1. Go to Domain List menu on your left and look for the domain you have Private Email subscription for.
   2. Click on the caret to expand the list of the associated services (make sure All Products is selected in the top right corner) and click on Log into Webmail:


3. Or you can expand the associated products menu and click on Log into Webmail next to the Private Email subscription:

4. You will be taken to Private Email login page. Here you need to enter full email address as your username and the password for your email account. If you want to be logged in automatically next time, enable the Keep me signed in option:

If the Keep me signed in option is enabled, you will be logged in automatically within 1 week after closing the Private Email tab, and there will be no need to enter the login details during this time. In case the option is disabled, the account will be opened for 1 hour with the closed Private Email tab. After this time, you will need to enter your email address and password.

If the Private Email tab is open, you will be not logged out, regardless of the Keep me signed in option status (enabled or disabled).

NOTE: if you do not remember the password for your email account, you can easily reset it following the steps in this guide.

That's it!

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