How to set up FastVPN on iOS

To add VPN to your iPhone or iPad, select your desired plan from the FastVPN page:

Once you click Get started, you will be prompted to sign into your Namecheap account:

or to create a new account:

Once you are logged in, enter payment details and confirm your purchase of the FastVPN application:

Now you will need to install the FastVPN app on your iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device from the Apple App Store.

Once the iOS app is successfully installed, the FastVPN icon will appear in the menu bar. Click this icon and sign into your existing Namecheap account:

To add a new VPN configuration, click Allow:

Once access is granted, you may either choose to connect to a server shown on the map, or allow the service to select the best VPN location (i.e. the location with the most preferable download speed, latency, and distance for a user).

The greater is the distance between you and the server, the greater is the latency. The delay also depends on networking efficiency and quality of the routing devices.

From the Connect VPN screen, you can:

1. Connect to the best available location directly using the Connect button:

2. Choose a desirable location from the list of all available locations or your pre-registered favorite list and click on the location to connect:

Once connected, the status will be updated:

You can also add locations to Favorites by clicking the "star" icon as shown below:

To sign out of the app, click on the Settings icon:

Under Network Settings, you will have:

  • Always-On feature that allows FastVPN to establish a secure connection automatically, so you will never forget to do this manually.
    Once you turn Always-On you will see possible configurations.
    - Trusted Cellular networks - if Turned ON, VPN will no longer need to remain connected.
    - Trust all WiFi networks means that you do not wish to auto-connect your iPhone or iPad to WiFi networks (still, we do not recommend to use this option).
    - Trusted WiFi networks are the WiFi networks that you trust or do already have a VPN connection for which you don't want to use FastVPN.
    - Blacklisted WiFI networks ensure VPN protects you on those networks which you do not trust.

  • Send Feedback section that allows you to submit feedback from the app.

  • Customer Support that allows you to contact directly our support team by clicking the "Chat with a Live Person" link.
  • Link to our Rules & Policies.         
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