Marking a device as trusted

Here at Namecheap security is our utmost priority. Taking this into account, we’ve decided to introduce an additional layer of protection for the customers who don't have Two-Factor Authentication enabled to protect their accounts from possible threats.

Now, each time you log in with a new device, we’ll ask you to mark it as trusted by providing a code sent to the email address associated with your Namecheap account:

Here’s what the email looks like:

Once the code is received, copy and paste it into the Verification Code field and hit the Submit button:

You should be able to log into your Namecheap account after that. Our system will remember your details and won't ask to provide a code next time you use the same device and browser to enter your account.

Please note that the verification code is valid for 30 minutes from the moment it’s generated. If you didn’t have a chance to submit it during this period, or, if no email landed in your inbox, feel free to request another one by clicking on the Didn’t get the code green line on the same page.

Once done, the following notification will pop up:

If an incorrect code is entered 5 times in a row, the account will be locked for 15 minutes:

Once the counter is over, you can request a new code again. It’s possible to resend an email with a verification code 5 times in an hour.

If you believe you’ve already marked a device as trusted but are still being asked to provide a code, try to figure out what’s different from the last time you’ve entered your account. The following actions may trigger a new device verification process:
  • Logging in with another browser;
  • Finishing the previous session by signing out of your account;
  • Using the password reset option;
  • Logging in from another location;
  • Making a browser data cleanup;
  • Logging into the Namecheap VPN application.
To prevent the trusted device check from happening, feel free to set up one of the 2FA options we offer. This action will disable any further checkups.

We’re rolling out the changes gradually and hope to cover all the Namecheap accounts in the nearest time.

Stay safe! Stay protected!

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