How can I enable/disable Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your Namecheap account in addition to your username and password by requiring access to the phone number associated with your account. When Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, your account cannot be accessed by anyone unauthorized by you, even if they have stolen your password.

Your cPanel account can be also secured with 2FA.

Two-Factor Authentication is an option we offer to our customers at no extra charge.

To enable Two-Factor Authentication for the Namecheap account, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Namecheap account.

  • Select Profile from the left >> choose Security.

  • In the Access section, you will see Two-Factor Authentication. Click the Manage button to proceed with the feature enabling:

On the page appeared, you will get three 2FA options to enable:

  • Device Authentication (U2F). Please refer to the following article for more details.
  • Authentication app (TOTP). To enable TOTP 2FA method, please check out this article.
  • Text Message Authentication which can be also upgraded to OneTouch option.

    Text Message authentication, as well as OneTouch option, require adding a phone number. Click Enable in the Text Message Authentication section to proceed:

    Fill in the following details:

    - Contact Name - enter the name for this Two-Factor Authentication method.
    - Phone Number - enter your phone number, selecting your country code from the drop-down list.
    - Namecheap Password - enter your Namecheap account password for authorization.

    Once completed, click Next to submit the changes.

    To verify ownership of the number entered, it is needed to enter the verification code sent to that phone number and Save the changes:

    If you did not get the code, click on "Didn't get the code?" link, and you will be able to check/update the number entered and re-send the code.

    If the entered code is correct, the SMS authentication will be successfully enabled for your account. You can also add another phone number by clicking on Add new number and repeating the steps above:

    There is also a flow for finalizing the incomplete Two-Factor Authentication SMS setup. This happens when the verification code is not confirmed and the Cancel button is clicked instead:

    The device, in this case, would have the Pending status. However, you can resume the process anytime by clicking on the Verify button located at Profile >> Security >> Two-Factor Authentication:

    You will be asked to provide your Namecheap password to proceed further. After that it will be possible to enter a verification code to finalize the setup of SMS Two-Factor Authentication:

    You also have an option to upgrade to OneTouch (method to approve authentication requests via the Namecheap app). More information about this feature and how to use it can be found in the "How can I use the OneTouch method for Two-Factor Authentication?" article.

    PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to use several 2FA methods simultaneously. If you already have any of the 2FA methods enabled (SMS, OneTouch, TOTP or U2F), the pop-up window with a request to confirm the authentication method change will appear:

    Should you want to disable the feature at all, go to Profile >> Security >> Two-Factor Authentication >> Manage and set it to OFF:

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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