.NEW domain registration requirements

.NEW is a gTLD with a brand-new approach to domain names usage operated by Google Registry - all .new domains must resolve to action generation or online creation flows. Once resolved, the user should be able to "create" something without any further navigation (e.g. doc.new, slides.new, design.new, more examples at whats.new - Google Registry website for this TLD).

All domains have to comply with the .new registration policy, which features a usage-based restriction to ensure that all domains are being used for new actions.

That means that all .new domains registrations must:

  • Be used for action generation or online content creation.
  • Take the user directly into the action generation or content creation flow.
  • Resolve to the action within 100 days of registration, and
  • Allow Google Registry to verify compliance at no cost.
  • While anyone can register, domains that don’t comply with this usage policy may be suspended or deleted by Google Registry without a refund.
You might also want to review the Registry’s FAQs to find more information on .new domains and to ensure that your domain meets the Registry policy requirements.

An exception is provided for services that require a user to be logged in: navigation to a .new domain may bring a logged-out user to a sign-up or sign-in page. After completing the sign in and any other required authentication, the user must be brought directly into the action generation or online creation flow. A user that is already signed in must be brought immediately into the action flow.

In addition, according to Google Registry requirements, all .new websites must have an SSL certificate installed along with the HTTPS set up for them to load in browsers.

NB! If a .new domain expires and you wish to reactivate it, the new expiration date of the domain will be the reactivation date + 1 year.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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