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Why Choose a .NEW domain?

Get online visitors interacting with your brand like never before. A .new domain offers users a quick and easy shortcut to create something new, whether it’s a spreadsheet on Google Docs or a playlist on Spotify. It's an exciting opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and join brands like Google, Medium, and eBay, in helping customers get what they need faster.

Is a .NEW right for me?

If you offer anything that requires your users to act, whether it’s opening a new spreadsheet or starting a presentation, this handy domain extension lets your visitors do so easily, making them feel that their needs matter and your organization can help them get the job done.

Registration requirements for .NEW domains

Each .new domain must be used for creating content or generating an action, and as .new is a secure namespace, it will require HTTPS. This means that you will need an SSL certificate in order for your website to load, and here at Namecheap we offer SSL Protection from just $7.88. All domains have to comply with the .new Registration Policy in no more than 100 days from the date of registration.

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Personal ‘Whois’ data kept safe with Domain Privacy – FREE for life

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Personal ‘Whois’ data kept safe with Domain Privacy – FREE for life

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Personal ‘Whois’ data kept safe with Domain Privacy – FREE for life


Safety and support for your .new

Real DNS Power

Real DNS Power

Namecheap’s network of DNS servers covers Europe and the US to deliver 99.99% uptime – keeping your site running smoothly. Other DNS features include URL and email forwarding to keep your business moving forward too. Plus, we help keep your web traffic safe with DNSSEC as standard on all eligible domains.

Domain privacy protection

Domain privacy protection

For increased privacy, a domain privacy service will mask your personal domain data from the publicly accessible Whois database. This also reduces spam and protects you against identity theft. Best of all, it’s included FREE for life with every eligible Namecheap domain you register.

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Add Shared Hosting so you can publish your site quickly and easily. Comes with free Website Builder and your choice of content management system, such as WordPress. See web hosting plans →

SSL Protection
SSL Protection

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Choose from top SSL certificates to secure your site data – from personal blogs to global e-commerce. Right now you can get a Comodo PositiveSSL certificate at an exclusive price for your first year of any new registration. View all SSLs →

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Premium DNS

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Protect your business from DNS DDoS attacks and data leaks without slowing your site down. Our PremiumDNS gives you speed, security, and a 100% uptime guarantee. Shop our DNS services →

Private Email
Private Email

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Get fast, intuitive business or personal email that’s synced to your new domain name. All your contacts and calendars in one private, secure platform. Try any Private Email plan, free for two months. View our Private Email plans →

Frequently asked questions

  • Are there any registration requirements for a .new domain name?

    Yes, all .new domain names must bring the user directly into an action generation or online creation flow, and further information on this can be found in the Domain Registration Policy.

  • What happens if a .new domain does not meet the registration requirements?

    If a domain doesn’t meet the registration requirements, enforcement action will be taken and your .new may be terminated. All .new domains must be compliant in no more than 100 days, following the date of registration.

  • What happens if a user is required to be logged in to use my domain?

    If your service requires the user to be logged in, that user may be shown a sign up / sign-in page. Once signed up, or signed-in, the action generation or online creation flow must be shown.

    If you provide a subscription service that requires an account to access content, Google Registry or its designee must be granted free-of-charge access in order to verify compliance.

  • How does .new stay secure?

    As .new is a secure namespace, for the website to load, all .new sites require HTTPS. This means that you will need to have an SSL certificate — an extra layer of security which helps to protect you and your users. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and get SSL Protection from just $7.88.

  • How do I add SSL to my .new domain?

    Add SSL to your .new domain when you register with us, and follow the easy instructions listed in our SSL installation guide.

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