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The gold standard! This is the web's oldest and most popular domain extension.

Register .COM Now
net logo


Safeguard your brand with one of the most popular domains on the internet.

Register .NET Now
biz logo


Make a name for your company online, with the extension that's all about business.

Register .BIZ Now
org logo


The online home for non-profits and other organizations serving the public interest.

Register .ORG Now
info logo


Globally recognized, this is the extension for sites that are all about sharing information.

Register .INFO Now
mobi logo


On-the-go shoppers look for ".mobi" – it tells the world your site is mobile-friendly.

Register .MOBI Now
asia logo


A great way to reach the millions of internet users in the Asia-Pacific region.

Register .ASIA Now
xxx logo


The domain for adults-only websites, .xxx encourages responsible behavior online.

Register .XXX Now
bike logo


A new top-level domain created just for online bike stores and biking-related websites.

Register .BIKE Now
clothing logo


Establish your clothing business online with this fabulous new domain extension.

Register .CLOTHING Now
guru logo


Find your audience and help them find you, with a .guru domain name.

Register .GURU Now
singles logo


A .singles domain extension is the perfect way to let the world know your website is all about singles.

Register .SINGLES Now
holdings logo


The new .holdings extension provides powerful branding for your online business.

Register .HOLDINGS Now
ventures logo


Make your mark in the world of online business with a domain name that says "ventures."

Register .VENTURES Now
equipment logo


A powerful naming solution for equipment businesses in any industry.

Register .EQUIPMENT Now
plumbing logo


The TLD that plumbers and plumbing businesses have been waiting for.

Register .PLUMBING Now
camera logo


A great new option for the world of cameras and photography.

Register .CAMERA Now
gallery logo


Display artwork and photos, or create an online home for your gallery – with a .gallery website.

Register .GALLERY Now
estate logo


Give your real estate or estate law website an address that gets noticed, with the .estate domain.

Register .ESTATE Now
graphics logo


Designers, artists, freelancers and graphics professionals of all types: Make your mark online with a .graphics domain.

Register .GRAPHICS Now
lighting logo


The domain to register if your organization deals with lighting design, supply, installation or maintenance.

Register .LIGHTING Now
photography logo


The new #1 choice for photographers, studio owners and anyone who wants to get noticed in the photo world.

construction logo


Here's a TLD that provides the ideal online home for businesses that build homes.

contractors logo


If you're a contractor or contracting agent in any field, this is the domain for you.

directory logo


To give your online directory the most memorable and relevant address, register a .directory domain.

Register .DIRECTORY Now
kitchen logo


Use the .kitchen domain to give your cooking, nutrition or kitchen remodeling website the perfect online address.

Register .KITCHEN Now
land logo


Get powerful branding and immediate recognition for your real estate website, with a .land domain name.

Register .LAND Now
technology logo


Take your tech business to the next level of success, with a .technology web address.

Register .TECHNOLOGY Now
today logo


Register your website with the most current extension available, .today. Perfect for blogs and news sites!

Register .TODAY Now
sexy logo


Loaded with marketing appeal! Launch your own .sexy website and tell the world what "sexy" means to you.

Register .SEXY Now
diamonds logo


Developed for the gem trade. Add a little sparkle to your web presence!

Register .DIAMONDS Now
tips logo


Create a targeted, relevant, easy-to-remember URL for your tips or advice website.

Register .TIPS Now
voyage logo


Your voyage might take you anywhere. Launch a website that's just as versatile, with this new TLD.

Register .VOYAGE Now
careers logo


The perfect naming solution for career advisors, job searches, employment agencies and related websites.

Register .CAREERS Now
photos logo


Wondering what to call your family photo album site or online gallery? Here's your answer!

Register .PHOTOS Now
recipes logo


The ideal location for recipe collection sites, or for your personal library of favorite recipes.

Register .RECIPES Now
shoes logo


Everybody loves footwear! Market your footwear business with a compelling .shoes website.

Register .SHOES Now
enterprises logo


Take an enterprising approach to naming your new website, with the .enterprises domain.

uno logo


The new #1 way to connect with the Hispanic and Italian online communities.

Register .UNO Now
cab logo


The extension to choose if you own a cab company, drive a cab, or operate a related business.

Register .CAB Now
domains logo


This TLD is all about domains. If your business is about buying and selling domains, this is your perfect website extension.

Register .DOMAINS Now
limo logo


The domain to register if your business deals with limousines in any way – rentals, sales, maintenance, etc.

Register .LIMO Now
menu logo


Take a look at what's on the .menu: A great new TLD for restaurants, caterers and food markets on the web.

Register .MENU Now
management logo


An online home-base for management companies and managers in every field – search and register today.

Register .MANAGEMENT Now
center logo


A website naming option that's ideal for your community center, or any other type of center.

Register .CENTER Now
academy logo


The perfect extension to choose for the website representing your academy or other educational institution.

Register .ACADEMY Now
company logo


Created for businesses with "company" in the name, this extension is also ideal for dance or theater companies.

Register .COMPANY Now
computer logo


A TLD created in honor of our favorite machine! A great choice for your computer business's website.

Register .COMPUTER Now
ceo logo


This is the top-level domain for chief executives in every field, worldwide. Register yours today.

Register .CEO Now
training logo


The ideal domain extension to register if you operate a training organization of any type.

Register .TRAINING Now
support logo


Register a .support domain if you operate any kind of support organization or business.

Register .SUPPORT Now
solutions logo


Web users are always searching for answers – help them find what they need, with your .solutions website.

Register .SOLUTIONS Now
email logo


If your business serves the world's three billion email accounts in any way, you need a .email domain!

Register .EMAIL Now
systems logo


Here's the ideal domain to register if you operate any type of systems-focused organization.

Register .SYSTEMS Now
builders logo


Whatever you build, a web address with this extension is sure to bring more customers your way.

Register .BUILDERS Now
camp logo


Put your camp on the internet, with a great new domain name. Register today!

Register .CAMP Now
education logo


A flexible, descriptive domain extension option for the world of academics and education.

Register .EDUCATION Now
glass logo


Windows, windshields, eyeglasses, wine glasses – whatever your glass product may be, this is your perfect top-level domain.

Register .GLASS Now
institute logo


Register this domain and give your institute the high level of online visibility it deserves.

Register .INSTITUTE Now
codes logo


Here's a generic-term domain with a long list of great applications. What's yours?

Register .CODES Now
cheap logo


Namecheap is the place to register your .cheap name!

Register .CHEAP Now
club logo


Time to join the online club – or create your own!

Register .CLUB Now
repair logo


If you're in the business of fixing things, this domain is for you.

Register .REPAIR Now
coffee logo


The new online home of coffee and all things coffee-related.

Register .COFFEE Now
florist logo


Put your flower shop on the web and reach customers directly.

Register .FLORIST Now
house logo


The top-level domain devoted to house buyers, sellers and dwellers.

Register .HOUSE Now
international logo


If your business or organization operates internationally, this is the perfect domain to register.

solar logo


Created for the rapidly expanding world of solar power.

Register .SOLAR Now
store logo


Hang out your shingle with this visible and versatile TLD.

Register .STORE Now
global logo


Being online means being global. Show the world your business is active across area codes and time zones.

Register .GLOBAL Now
design logo


Unleash your inner designer with the TLD perfect for anyone in the industry.

Register .DESIGN Now
vegas logo


Gamble on a .vegas – the domain that defines excitement.

Register .VEGAS Now
tech logo


Make your domain as techy as you are – .tech is perfect for companies in the fast-moving world of technology!

Register .TECH Now
online logo


Choose .online – one of the most evocative domain names for e-commerce and communication.

Register .ONLINE Now
xyz logo


It's all leading to .xyz! Get one of the quirkiest TLDs today.

Register .XYZ Now
kiwi logo


A New Zealand-centric TLD, utilizing their colloquial nickname

Register .KIWI Now
eco logo


If you're passionate about planet earth, you can't go wrong with a .eco extension for your website.

Register .ECO Now
london logo


Connect your business to the vibrant, iconic city with a .london extension.

Register .LONDON Now
shop logo


The domain that lets everyone know you're in business!

Register .SHOP Now
host logo


Get your in-demand domain with .HOST

Register .HOST Now
rent logo


Get the Keys to a Great Deal

Register .RENT Now
college logo


Move to the top of Your class with this unrestricted TLD

Register .COLLEGE Now


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  • Please note that premium domain names are not eligible for the promotion and prices may differ from those shown.
  • We recommend that you set the following domains to auto-renew at least 12 days before the expiration date: .ch, .es,,,, .fr, .li, .pe,,,, .sg,,,, and
    If your domain is not renewed or set to auto-renewal at least 12 days before the expiration date, it immediately enters the redemption period. Once in this state, it will not be possible to renew it at the regular price. Read more about renewal requirements.
  • We recommend that you set the following domains to auto-renew at least 5 days before the expiration date: .cx, .de, .eu and .nl.
    If your domain is not renewed or set for auto-renewal at least 5 days before the expiration date, it immediately enters the redemption period. Once in this state, your website and other related services will stop working, and it will not be possible to renew your domain at the regular price. Read more about renewal requirements.

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