DNS Templates Setup

We are very pleased to introduce our new DNS Templates feature.

This feature, which is designed to simplify the DNS setup process, is located in your Namecheap account under the Advanced DNS tab and may be used if your domain name points to our BasicDNS or PremiumDNS. As of now, you are only able to connect your domain to the Shopify, Weebly or Wix account.

IMPORTANT: Before you can connect a domain, your Wix site must be upgraded to a Premium Plan. You are welcome to learn more in this article.

To properly set up a Shopify DNS Template, Weebly DNS Template or Wix DNS Template, certain conflicting records will need to be deleted or replaced with the necessary ones, i.e. new A records. We recommend saving your current settings so that you can immediately revert back to them, if needed.

Also keep in mind that in most cases when the Host Records section already has a lot of different settings, our system will try to define possible conflicts between the records and apply the settings you want.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Support.
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