How to set up VPN for iOS?

From the Namecheap VPN page, select your desired plan:

Once you click Buy now, you will be prompted to sign into your Namecheap account:

or to create a new account:

Once you’re logged in, enter payment details and confirm your purchase:

On your iOS device you will need to install Namecheap VPN app from App Store.

To add a new VPN configuration, hit Allow:

Once access is granted, you may either choose to connect to a server shown on the map, or let the service select the best location (i.e., the location with the most preferable download speed, latency, and distance for a user).

The greater the distance is between you and the server, the greater the latency. This delay also depends on networking efficiency and quality of the routing devices.

If you face an issue while connecting, you may need to update “pings” (connection checks across VPN servers) if you haven’t done so recently.

Pinging should take several minutes (progress is shown in the Pinging line). Once updated, two options are possible:

1. Connect to the best location
2. Choose a desirable location from the map where ping time is shown and click Connect.

Once connected, the status will likewise be updated:

You can also add locations to Favorites by clicking the “heart” icon, as shown:

To sign out of the app, click on the Settings icon:


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