EasyWP: How to access your WordPress website folders and files via SFTP

Security of your websites is one of our top priorities. At EasyWP, in order to ensure data transferring over a secure and encrypted connection, we support only SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

To connect over SFTP, you can use the FileZilla FTP client or another one of your choosing.

NOTE: Before proceeding with any changes, it's advisable to perform a backup of your website.

How to locate your SFTP credentials:

1. From within your EasyWP Dashboard, select the website to which you plan to access, choose the SFTP Access tab, and click on the Access Files button:

NOTE: For added security, you can select an expiration for the SFTP account password. By setting an automatic expiration, you will ensure that your SFTP account remains active only for the time necessary to work on your website. If you need to, you can also revoke a password at any time.

2. On the SFTP Access page, you will find the SFTP credentials to connect to your website via an SFTP client:

The recommended SFTP settings are as follows:

  • Host/Server: check your EasyWP Dashboard
  • Port: 22
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: check your EasyWP Dashboard
  • Password: check your EasyWP Dashboard

Once all the appropriate settings are filled in, click on Connect.

That's it!

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