How do I get an ECC certificate via Namecheap?

We, here at Namecheap, are keeping our hand on pulse of the modern technologies and devoted to offer you simply the very best! Though ECC certificates did not gain global usage yet, we are eager to be one step ahead and guide you through the innovations.

We can offer any SSL certificate issued by Comodo (now Sectigo) with ECDSA algorithm option.

Certificate Signing Request is required for each SSL certificate and ECC is no exception. It is recommended to generate the CSR on the server directly using ECDSA algorithm. OpenSSL cryptographic library allows to use this algorithm for CSR code generation with the help of commands below:

      openssl ecparam -genkey -name secp384r1 | openssl ec -out ec.key

      openssl req -new -key ec.key -out ec.csr

As a backup option, you can generate your CSR-code for ECC certificate with the help of this online tool. Just select ECDSA prime256v1 (elliptic curve) or ECDSA secp384r1 (elliptic curve)from the drop down menu in the “Key Algorithm” section. Please look through these general requirements for CSR-code generation.

NOTE: do not forget to save your ECDSA Private Key in .txt file for further certificate installation on the server. Please have a look at the installation guides for different web server types:

More information regarding certificates installation on other web server types can be found here.

(!) Please make sure, that, if required/allowed by the web platform, ECDSA algorithm is chosen while CSR-code generation and SSL installation as well.

If you decide to receive ECC certificate, you are welcome to activate your newly purchased SSL with the CSR code generated with the ECDSA algorithm. After the activation and validation, your ECC certificate will be issued and sent to your administrative E-mail.

You can also reissue your certificate from RSA to ECC algorithm. As a bonus, your RSA certificate will remain valid, hence you can install both on your server. Sounds like something worth trying!

               Please do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or Ticket and we will be more than glad to discuss options and walk you through this novelty!
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