Do you provide privacy protection for .CA domains?

Unfortunately, due to the Registry restrictions, it’s not possible to use WhoisGuard on .CA domains.

However, if you are registering your domain as an Individual, you can opt out of having your personal details listed in the CIRA's Whois. The following legal types allow selecting the "Hide registrant data in CIRA WHOIS" option during the checkout:

   - Canadian citizen who is ordinarily resident in Canada;
   - Permanent resident falling under the definition provided in the Immigration Act (CA);
   - Aboriginal peoples;
   - Legal representative.

If you already have your domain(s) registered at Namecheap with any of the above mentioned legal types and wish to hide your contact details in Whois, please get in touch with our Support team via Live Chat or by submitting a ticket.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.


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